Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[Wishlist Wednesday] Anthro Birthday Discount!

While going through the stack of mail that arrived over vacation (that I neglected to bring in each day) I found my Anthropologie Birthday Discount Card!  15% any one full in-store purchase during my birthday month.

While 15% isn't the greatest discount of all time, it's still something and Anthro never gives discounts, just generous sale prices.

The problem is... nothing new is really catching my eye.  Which I guess is probably a good thing, since "discount goggles" can sometimes cloud vision and make you buy more than you really want or need.   A lot of the items on my wishlist are older, but a few are newerish releases....

Any who, here are some of the items I'm hoping are in store for me to possibly take advantage of.....

I love the slouchy comfy cashmere look... how cute with skinnies and boots?!

another long open embellished cardigan... can never have too many right? (actually, I only have 3!)

... do you spot a trend?? 

love the color and texture, great layering option

List isn't extravagant, but that's okay since the items aren't cheap by any means.  Hell, if I actually got all four of those items, I'd still be spending $350 and that's WITH the discount.... 

Speaking of Birthday Discounts.... stay tuned for the real B-day gift I bought myself!


  1. I like the last top. Something similar happened to me in terms of not really finding a lot of things when I got my Anthro birthday discount. I ended up not using it.

  2. I love the Drafts cardigan! The embellishments are so beautiful! And it's strange, but when I got my birthday discount last year, I didn't find much to my liking either... Maybe we have the opposite of Discount Goggles? Haha!


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