Monday, January 24, 2011

[Shopaholic] Anthro Birthday Discount Purchases!

Well, my birthday was the 1st, and today is the 24th.  I've been holding out for any killer new arrivals that I just had to have, but alas, nothing was a major MUST BUY NOW.  So since the discount card is only good for an in store purchase, I headed over to Anthropologie this afternoon before my time ran out.

I hit the sale racks, trying to make the most of my dollar.  I had originally wishlisted this top in lilac online, but I love this version even more.  It fits loose and covers my butt, so it'll be perfect to wear with skinnies and layer under lots of my neutral colored cardigans....

Frays and Folds Top, on Sale for $39.95
(sold out online)

I don't know why I though this top was silk and not cotton.  At first I was a tad let down, then I put it on and was delightfully excited.  The cotton gives the shirt a nice structure, especially at the shoulders.  They aren't "strong" shoulders, but they hold a nice shape.  I'm really excited about this top... I know probably 6 months too late as the military/utilitly trend was huge for fall, but oh well, better late than never.

Simple Compositions Blouse $78
and yes, I gave in....

Whispering Vespers Sweater, $148

While the sweater is super light weight and a tad sheer, the cashmere is sooo super soft and snuggly.  It was hard to swallow the price for a sweater that essentially looks like a sweatshirt, but the dolman sleeves are cute and I surprisingly don't own any cashmere sweaters.  It's sooo soft! (did I say that already)  I can't wait to wear this with my black skinnies, Ash Ono boots and some long layered necklaces.

Friday Night BYO

Happy Monday Readers, stay warm out there!


  1. I LOVE the Simple Compositions Blouse! I think it's super cute and you'll get a lot of use out it. :)

  2. Great b-day splurges! What better time than for your birthday to spoil yourself a bit?! ;o)

  3. What lovely finds! It looks like you've already found some cute ways to style them. :)

  4. Great finds, and I ALSO thought the Simple Compositions blouse was silk. Who knew? It's a pretty top though, and I can't wait to see you wear it on here!

    I hung on to my Anthro birthday card for so long that once I used it, I actually forgot that I still didn't have it! I was so used to thinking, "WHAT SHOULD I GET FOR 10% OFF?!?!" that man, it was SUCH a brutal letdown when I could no longer do that. *sniffles*

  5. Happy late birthday! And weird, I thought the Simple Compositions blouse was silk too -- and seeing that Chloe thought the same, I wonder where this originated from? Hmmm... I'm glad that it didn't disappoint though, even if it's cotton!

  6. Natasha - I think I will def get lots of use, so easy to wear!

    Lisa & Rosa - Thanks ladies, definitely splurged more than I planned, but I've been a really good shopper recently... doesn't hurt too bad.

    Leslie - Gotta love Polyvore :)

    Chloe and AmyK - Right?? Maybe because there was a similar silk version back in the fall?? Or maybe it's the stock photo's fault... but totally saw it on the table and was like, wait that can't be it.... although the cotton price is much nicer than the silk price would have been...

    and Chloe - funny about how I was dying to get something for 15% off... when if I would just wait for a sale, the pieces would get closer to a 50% off mark down. Silly sale goggles.


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