Monday, January 3, 2011

Secret Santa and Stocking Stuffers

We visited with my dad and my step family on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day morning to celebrate the holidays... Christmas, New Year's, my Birthday (Jan 1), and my niece's Birthday (Jan2).  Since our family is growing with husbands, wives, and children, instead of all exchanging gifts we decided to do a Secret Santa pollyanna.
Bobble Water Bottles by Karim Rashid  - Container Store $9.99

I originally found out about these reusable and super green water bottles in an Rachel McAdams article in my InStyle magazine.  I later saw J from The Look for Less post about them in her weekly "J's Friday Faves".    My dad's side of the family decided to do secret santa with a $30 limit.  My dad had casually asked me what I wanted for Christmas (I assumed either he or my step mom had drawn me) so I told him new glittens/mloves or these water bottles. 

Here's their product description....
Not only are our Bobble Water Bottles by Karim Rashid a smart and easy way to reduce our use of disposable plastic water bottles, they do it with style! Just fill the clever bottle with tap water and the charcoal filter pulls out impurities before you take a nice, refreshing sip. One filter will cleanse approximately 40 gallons (two months) - replacements are sold separately.

  • BPA-free
  • Made from recycled PET (RPET); 100% recyclable
  • Not intended for use where water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown origin
  • For best results, replace the filter after two months or 300 refillings
  • Each Bobble Water Bottle Gift Set includes one Bobble Water Bottle and one matching Filter Refill Made in the USA
It turns out, neither my dad or step-mom had me in Secret Santa, be he got the water bottles for me anyway.  My step-mom liked them so much she got a set too! (She's a chronic plastic water bottle user abuser since she doesn't like to drink tap and she's always on the run).

And even though I asked for these convertible gloves (aka, my glittens/mloves), they were sold out. 
My dad surprised me with these and they are sooo warm and toasty.  Perfect for the icy mornings we've been having. And a lot better than the sorry excuse of a pair I got at J.Crew only last year that have completely fallen apart.
And since neither of those items were my Secret Santa Gift.... I instead got this.  From my Step Brother.

How did he know it's exactly what I needed!


  1. um, if you get me for secret santa next year, I'll be happy to take that fart machine off your hands! ;)

  2. I was seriously just looking at that water bottle in GNC yesterday! Weird.

  3. Oh, and happy belated birthday!

  4. Lol! I guess that's what brothers are for. Those water bottles really look neat, and the gloves definitely look warm and cozy. What practical, but stylish gifts!

  5. FYI They have these bottles at Target now too! I was tres excited!

  6. bahahaha Mandee... i should have brought it home to give to you! I totally left it with my stepmom, ha!

    Lindsay.... get the water bottle, its awesome!

    Leslie - I'm all about the practical xmas gifts. My criteria is always things I want, but don't feel like buying for myself... I figure I'm too picky about clothes and such that I can do that on my own (plus its fun)

    Cynthia - that's awesome, I'll have to try to track them down. Thanks for sharing!


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