Monday, January 17, 2011

Requisite Golden Globe Picks!

Like every other blogger out there, here are my favorites (and not so muches) from last night's award ceremony!

My favorite trends of the night include all the emerald green dresses - Elizabeth Moss, Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Zeta Jones, and I'm sure I'm leaving a few out....  I also love the simplicity that was shown with styles on Emma Stone, Eva Longoria, and Claire Danes.  It did seem a little 90s, but it went well with all the sequins (there were tons!) and the 70s era that was re-generated.

Favorite Green Dress - Not Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie did look nice in her's, I loved the shoulder pads, but I feel the dress she wore she's worn a dozen times in black.  I don't think Mila Kunis' Vera Wang dress is groundbreaking either, but it flatters in shape in color.  She looks pretty.

Favorite Old Hollywood - Dianna Agron, Glee

The hair, the J.Mendel dress, the netted jewels around her neck, the lipstick.... she looks like she belongs in another era... Bravo!

Favorite 70s Look - Not Scarlett Johansson

I love the detailing on the sleeves... and her shoes!  Look at her shoes!

Most Age Appropriate - Not Natalie Portman (her bump was cute, the flower not so much)

14 year old Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit. 
Dear Miley Cyrus (or Miley Cyrus slutty 9 year old sister),  Please take notes!
Seriously, it's perfection.  She looks chic, youthful, and modest all at once.

Favorite Overall  - Anne Hathaway

Nailed it!

Now onto my list of underwhelms...

Worst Emerald Green Dress - Catherine Zeta Jones

The fabric looks like upholstery. Enough said.

The "Didn't We See This Before Award" - Olivia Wilde

Obviously I'm in a teeny tiny minority here, since everyone seemed to love her... but I loved it first when Cameron Diaz wore this Marchesa gown in ivory at least year's Oscars... except it was made by Oscar de la Renta, and it only had 5 layers of crinoline, not 15.
(Cameron Diaz 2010)
I'm not saying it's the same... but really, it kind of is....

Worst Take on 70s Fashion - Scarlett Johansson

I could make comments about the dress...but I'll go straight for the Bride of Frankenstein hair. This is not how to make your ex-husband jealous, honey. Try again.

The "I Love You, I'm Just Not In Love With Your Dress" Award - Julie Bowen

award title self explanatory.

Worst Color Selection - Lea Michele

I hate the dress.  I hate the fabric.  I hate the bubble gum pink color.  HUGE downgrade from her last Golden Globe appearance.

And Worst Looks Overall - I couldn't pick just one!

What were your hits and misses??

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  1. I absolutely loved Sarah Hyland's dress.

  2. I misssed the Golden Globes, so I enjoyed your hits and misses. It's always amazing to me that some celebrities have so much money, and they still manage to have a disastrous outfit!

  3. My two top picks have to be Angelina and Anna - similar-ish pieces, but I think they both rocked it.
    I am not digging Scarlett's hair either but when she was on stage presenting an award, that dress looked awesome - I guess it is a piece that needs movement?

  4. Liz - I liked Sarah Hyland's dress, but thought it'd look better on a Kim K type... Thought she was dressed up in age, expected something more youthful and fun from her....

    Leslie - haha, so true!

    Lisa - see I didnt like ScarJo's dress then either... it may be because I just generally don't care for her. I guess I just thought the dress was 'old lady-esque'... I don't mind sleeves, but those just seemed grandma-ish (however the silohoutte was flattering.... I also thought J.Lo was grandma chic... (i also generally dislike her too though)

    see the theme :)

  5. I definitely agree with you on Michelle Williams...what was she thinking? Also, no likey Natalie Portman's dress with the red rose...which is too bad since she got Best Actress!

  6. I lurked over here from the F&B board (where I lurk) but I had to comment about your Olivia/Cameron comparison. When I first saw Olivia I was thinking 'why does this look so familiar?' Bless your heart for remembering! I completely agree Cameron's ODL version is *much* better!

    My favorite of the night was definitely Anne Hathaway as well!

  7. I posted a review too:

    I agree with you on much of what you said. My favorites were Diana Agron and Claire Danes. Worsts: Michelle Williams (I swear she got that off a K-Mart clearance rack) and Scarlett Johannson (who I'm pretty sure borrowed it from her granny).

    Love your review!

  8. I really love the green in some of the gowns, and I was so disappointed at the big rose in Natalie's dress.

  9. I completely agree with ALL of your choices! Leighton looked fab!

  10. love your picks!!

    i'm surprised how many stars seem to be trying to match the color of their dress EXACTLY to their skin.

    it looks great on some of them.

  11. Natasha - I thought the same thing about Natalie Portman, she's going to look at pics of her winning in *that* dress (and I didn't care for her hair either)

    Tameka - Glad you also remembered it was a dress shown before.... seems none of the red carpet reporters thought that!

    Grace - Thanks lady, I'll check out your link.

    Rosa - ditto ditto ditto

    Jennifer - Leighton was on the worst dressed list last night on E!.... I still think she looked great, fashionable, different... she pulled it off.

    Mikaela - The skin tone dress can go great or awful, no inbetween

  12. I actually really love ScarJo's dress, but that HAIR was awful! I remember seeing it and thinking, "Why would she try to upstage her dress with her hair??"

  13. super fun post! loved it! Is that Christina Aguilera?!!!


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