Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ohhh, I wanna take you to Jamaica, Bahamas...C'mon Pretty Mama

I'm back... and itsybit tan too - in January! (woot!).

The Husband and I booked an all-inclusive getaway the day before Christmas Eve... two weeks before our departure date to the Bahamas.  Booking last minute definitely got us a nice deal, but getting away for a few days would have been worth the full price.   We went to Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas and it was by far the best all-inclusive I've been too.  However, I'm not sure how much competition 2 resorts in Cancun and 1 in Punta Cana really are...  but the food was decent, drinks delish, and everything else we needed (sun and sand!) on hand....

We couldn't have had a better (4 night) trip!

Our room was fully stocked with its own bar (that was replenished daily!)

 We had an beach view from our 6th floor room...

The resort had two large pools and multiple hot tubs....

...which was the perfect place for my guilty pleasures - bad teen lit and pina coladas!

There were fire pits located beach side to stay toasty at night...

The resort's private off shore island... accessible by ferry or kayak.  Since the current was too rough we took the ferry over...

Some of the island's many private cabanas....

 Our little cabana...

 Here you can see it all the way to the right....

If the beach and pool bore you quickly, the Atlantis is a short cab ride away.  We didn't go since a huge Poker Tournament was taking place (and we didn't want to deal with the crowds), but if we ever go back the water slides are totally on!

Gorgeous nights to take sunset strolls... (awwww)

 ....and funny random props to take ridiculous photos

Perfect way to start a new year!


  1. I would love to stay every year like that --- sounds like the perfect little getaway to me! I am glad y'all had fun, and the pictures are so pretty!

  2. What an awesome way to start off the year! Your pictures are all gorgeous, look like you guys had a great time!

  3. aw, so glad you got away. Sounds like a perfect trip and an amazing way to kick off 2011!

  4. Looks and sounds amazing! You definitely deserved it after last year. And I love LA Candy...definite guilty pleasure! :)


  5. That looks like a great place to start the new year off! I'm so glad that you two were able to get away and have such a great time. It looks like a little piece of heaven.

  6. Awesome. You totally deserved an awesome time like that.

  7. Yay, Erinn! I actually typed a comment up about 4 hours ago but darn BLogger didn't take it for some reason ;) Your trip looked liked a great time, rest and relaxation! So glad you and your husband were able to get away!
    Kinda makes you want to start off each year that way, huh? :)

    Can't wait to hear your review of your new Tory Burch Eddie flats! I am loving the way they look in pics. Might need a new pair myself. Nothing says, "Spring, get here fast!" like a new pair of flats!

  8. oh how fun!!! Super jealous of your January tan!

  9. So glad you had a good time, you definitely deserve it!

    Also, I love the pic of the "resort's private off shore island". So pretty.

  10. Oh you lucky ducks - looks like you two had a fantastic time, welcome back!

  11. My goodness, this all makes me yearn for the beach! It looks like you both had a wonderful and picturesque vacation! :)

  12. Looks really wonderful!

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  13. Sassy - This was the second trip we've taken during the first wkd in January... I think it may start to become a more annual thing

    Lindsay - Thanks! We did have a great time..

    Andi - Thanks, it really was... all good things in 2011!

    Nicole - I actually haven't worn them yet. They are a little bigger than I hoped (since I sized up) and I'm not sure if they will stretch out. I want to re-try on the 7s (which I thought were too small in July) and see what the difference is like... I'll post an update!

    Natasha - Thank you... and I think I need to pick up the sequel! hehe

    Leslie - It was the perfect "couples" getaway... and it got us out of freezing temps and snow - can't beat that!

    Alyson - Thanks Lady!

    Christine - Don't be too jealous... its not that dark.. looks like I hit a tanning bed once or twice, nothing screaming carribean holiday :)

    Jess - That's Husband's favorite, he likes to narrate it with "we have to go bACCKKK!" like Jack in LOST, LOL

    Lisa & AmyK - Thanks Ladies!

    Elizabeth - It was a great time!


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