Thursday, January 27, 2011

[Home Decor] Snow Day and Bookcase Follow Up

Like most of the East Coast, I had a snow day yesterday.   While the Husband got to work on this (poor guy)...

I got to work on these :)
(butterscotch chip cookies, since we were out of chocolate chips and a store run wasn't going to happen)

I also finally took some pics of our Expedit Bookcase that's working double time as a sideboard/buffet. I finished putting stuff on it about a week ago, but I'm not completely satisfied. Instead of making you wait who knows how long until it's "perfect", I thought I'd just post the in progress shots.  (see my inspiration here)

The two woven bins (also from ikea) are storing all my china and a plethora of vases.... it's sooo nice those things finally have a real (and hidden) home!

Finally have a little 'gallery' of photos... our house was pretty bare of any personal touches


 And it wouldn't be a snow day without letting the pups out to play.  All bundled up of course.

Enjoy the weather and be careful on the roads!


  1. Your photos look great! I must start taking pictures in the daytime! Also think the bookcase is coming along the idea of putting the vases in the bins. Perfect place for them!

  2. Love the buffet/bookcase!! Happy baking on your snow days :)

  3. cute decor and love your doggies!

  4. Aww, the pups are so cute! And I love what you did with your display center. I especially like the candle in that jar with the mossy stones -- where did you get the "stones" from? I love how the green looks!

  5. I think it looks fabulous! Wanna come style my house?!

  6. Natasha - pictures without flash are sooo much better!... I don't even have that fancy of a camera and the quality is so different with natural light.

    MJ - Thanks!

    V - doesn't Baxter remind you of Lulu?? He's been such a fluff ball, getting groomed today... he might not want to play in the snow as long anymore which means less standing outside for us :)

    AmyK - Thanks lady!... the moss is from Pottery Barn, one of their vase fillers... they have back in stock online and instore I believe

    Grace - I'd LOVE to! I think interior design would be so fun, I wish I studied that instead of finance and acctg...

  7. Your two doggies are the cutest things I've ever seen! I just want to grab them and give them a big hug :)

  8. aww thanks Sara :) Penny (the boston) would lick your face and Baxter (the shih tzu) would grumble) even though he totally loves it, fickle boy :)


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