Thursday, January 20, 2011

[Home Decor] Bookcase Buffet

Months and months ago I wrote a post that I never published.  It listed all the main things on my home decor checklist - a sideboard for the "dining area" of the great room, some new throw pillows, and well the new curtains (but I did actually end up covering that journey here).

Back at the end of December, things weren't to hot here in our household. To stay busy, the Husband took me to Sherwin Williams to buy some paint so we could fix the color correction issue in the kitchen (which we did here), but that day, about an hour before a big snowstorm hit, we went to ikea.  I knew right where I was going and exactly what I was getting. 

Since we've talked about possibly selling our house (in hopes for a house with a real formal dining room) I didn't want to buy a "real" piece of furniture for our sideboard.  In case it doesn't fit, match, or go in the future.  So I instead bought (another, since I already own one of these) an Expedit Bookcase.  It'll be perfect for now in the dining room or later anywhere else, and it hardly broke the bank.

As usual, I "built" it myself in about an hour as the Husband watched some football on that snowy Sunday afternoon.  Since then it's sat nicely under the mirror that was already perfectly hung in the area. 

I've been re-working the cubbies to display and store items in an aesthetic manor.  To get inspiration, as usual I turned to the web.

(all pics from the good all interwebz)

(not cubbies inspiration, but table top... love all the candlesticks)

John and Sherry sure know how to style a bookcase....

I'll be back with the current status of our shelving styling.  I'm still in the midst of finding, recycling, and buying the perfect frames, vases, hardback books, and candlesticks.


  1. LOVE the idea! i would never have thought to turn it sideways. i am completely decoration-aly challenged.

  2. looks great!! I need something like that for my girly room.

  3. Oh wow, that last display literally made me gasp! It's beautiful! I love the green matting of your photos and how they match that one candle on your shelf top -- it really ties it all together!

  4. Heather - (i only knew it would work bc I've seen it that way before) Hahaha

    I should clarify everyone, these are all inspiration shots, I haven't taken a pic of mine yet... soon though, sorry for the confusion!

  5. Good job girl, so proud of you for putting that bookcase together. I am also the one who puts the furniture together at home. Husband is always trying to go against the instructions given by the manufacturer so he gets frustrated after a couple of hours. Then I end up doing the work while he takes a nap with the dog. Ah men!

  6. Love it! And small world, your 3rd "Expedit Inspiration" photo down (the one with the E) belongs to a friend of mine! She'll be thrilled :) I have an Expedit bookcase that I'm using as vertical shelving but I love the idea of using it as a sideboard.

    Great post!

  7. Rosa - oh yeah, I'm the handy one in the household... I build all the assemble yourself furniture, change light fixtures, hang pictures/shelves, you name it...

    Grace - That's so funny! I pulled all the pics from a google image search for "expedit bookcase" that I did a few weeks ago. I threw all the images in a folder and I know I don't have the links the anymore. I'd be happy to credit her :) I also have a vertical bookcase in the office, but I previously used it sideways as a TV stand in my old apt.... love things that multi task

  8. I love the pictures of all of the bookshelves. Now I really want a new bookshelf! All of them are so beautifully styled; I can't wait to see your finished product.


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