Friday, January 28, 2011

More Framing Fun...

Even though I went on a picture frame spree two weeks ago, while Michael's was having their dollar days - 50% off select frames and evidenced by the little gallery on our sideboard - I still wanted to hunt down two I missed out on.

Anthropologie's Dog Show Picture Frames
(item # 073503 and 073504)

I saw these adorable frames when I went on my pre-Christmas retail therapy (here)... I didn't think to pick them up until later on, and at $24 each, I probably would have only gotten one.

A few weeks later I checked online, and they weren't there... sold out.  So I did some item searching to get the product numbers and finally last Tuesday I called CS to see if any were left at store locations.  I was given a few options and told they have been marked down to $9.95 (woot!).  Still, after my Birthday Discount splurge the day prior, I waited.   Yesterday I finally called one location and was told the only one in stock was broken.  I waited a few hours and then tried the next place, both in store and now on their way to me - both for almost the original price of one!

I'm not where I'm going to put these yet.  I already have a few white 'vintage' looking frames in our bedroom, so maybe they'd go nicely on our night stands.  The white would also pop in the kitchen.... but I'd really like to make the work in the living room... which means some moving around of the current frames. 

I'll let you know how they turn out once they arrive.


  1. oh those are cute! I love the vintage feel they have! good job hunting them down!

  2. Thanks Amber, I love how they are covered in pups but not in your face cheesy... its quirky and classy at the same time :)

  3. Those are too cute!!! I'm glad you were able to snag a few for yourself.
    I need to check out the home section of Anthro more often. They have these elephant hooks and turtle drawer pulls that I've been contemplating purchasing. Let's hope they don't sell out before I use my bday discount.


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