Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Present to Myself

Months ago, er, 5 to be exact, I posted about these Tory Burch Patent Eddies and how they were the prefect replacement for my over loved Coach Ashleen Flats.

Patent Eddie in Royal Tan - Tory Burch $178

Coach Ashleen Flats

Because it was summer time and I was busy wearing sandals and more interested in buying boots and the *perfect* grey suede pump, I never got the flats.  Then in September, I was able to pick up black Revas with Bloomingdale's Friends & Family for 20% Off (they didn't carry the Eddies at the time).... As the months passed on, I noticed the royal tan eddies sold out in my size online.  I emailed Customer Service to see if they had any in store and was given 3 locations.  I waited because I thought there was other things I wanted to spend my money on more at the time.

Fast forward to last week.  Before leaving for my Dad's New Year's Eve Bash, I decided I had to replace my dead (no longer dying) Coach flats.  I search for the eddies in my size and found them on Jildor.  I told myself to wait until after we got back from vacation to buy them. 

On my Birthday, Jan 1, we got home from my dad's and I went through my emails.... Lovely enough, from Tory Burch - $50 credit on any purchase during the month of January. 

I ran to her site, thinking maybe the smoke (grey) is still in stock and I'll just settle for those over royal tan and instead.... there they were.  Fully stocked in all sizes!  The Patent Royal Tan Eddie Flat!.... for $128 with my new discount!

And amazingly enough, they are being delivered today!

Happy Birthday to me indeed!


  1. That DEFINITELY means that you and those flats were meant to be!!

  2. great pick! those are timeless and will last you ages.


  3. I agree with Amy. Some things are so clearly meant to be. I wanted a "Leather" jacket from Target with an asymmetrical collar/lapel and they sold out in my size everywhere. I bought and returned other more expensive jackets. Then low and behold, on clearance, months later, my size at half the price! Love it when that happens!

  4. Love the shoes! Did you think they run small?

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Oh I love those so much! I want to a pair in the same color. They look super comfy! Happy Belated Birthday!


  6. I thought about you while you were on your hiatus, as Nordstrom started carrying them around then. I forgot to tell you once you were back. I got them as a Christmas present and I swear they never leave my feet!

  7. checking in on you :) LOVE the shoes. i need more flats. for some reason i am completely ok with spending $100+ on heels but not on flats. i need to change my thinking.

  8. Hey erin I know you have been down lately. I read through your blog and am not quite sure what happened but thank you for your post on my blog. Miss you and YAY for new shoes, that's always a new pick me up!

  9. Thanks Everyone! Sorry for the delayed response I was on vaca....

    Jess - The run on the smaller side, but they are a bit bigger than I hoped (I sized up)... might go to the store to re-compare the 7s, but I remember when I originally tried them on they were tight...

    Heather - thanks for checking in.. I'm still following you :) glad to see you are doing well


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