Sunday, December 5, 2010

::tap tap tap:::

Is this thing on??

Hey there long lost friends!  I've returned from the crevice in the couch that has sucked me.... sucked me into numerous naps, a Dexter Season 1 (and now Season 2) marathon, and just general cold weather-all-I-want-to-do-is-wear-sweats-and-snuggle mood.

But I finally uploaded a bunch of pics, so it's time to finally get back and share some post turkey day recaps....

First up, the ever on going curtain debacle.  I finally took down the old valence the weekend before Turkey Day and hung the new rod, but that permanent butt mark in the couch grabbed me for a few Dexter dvds.... The Husband patched the old holes and painted them over while I ironed the new curtains (after washing).  We finally had them up Tuesday night, just in time for our company on Wednesday. 

Nothing like some home makeover procrastination....

The Before

The After

...and yes, the pups may be permanently stuck on that ottoman the way I am in our smooshy couch...

In all honesty, I like the curtains... but don't love them.  I think if the walls weren't the most boring color on the planet it'd change a lot of things, but it working for now.  If I find a set of great (yet, non-obnoxious) patterned drapes, I'll definitely replace the white Ikea set, but we didn't want to spend a ton and they are getting the job done for now....

We also got the new microfiber Parson dining chairs that I posted about here. Except we got a different set from Overstock (love $2.95 flat rate shipping) instead of BBB, since they were a bit smaller in dimensions and we hoped it'd be easier to fit all 6 chairs around the table.

The only issue is that the Parson chairs' height is less than the others.   Since they are at the head of the table, I feel like they should be higher, but small potatoes.  I'm digging the mixed and matched chair look (thanks for the inspiration Amy K!)

And lastly for the all-in-one recap post, the table setting pre-turkey scarf down.  We actually added a second table since we had 10 guests, but since I got busy with prepping all the grub I didn't snap a picture.
("Hi Sarah!... I'm the perfect centerpiece, Thank You IBFF!")

Hope Everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season!!


  1. oh my gosh - E! can I just say that I squee'd a bit when I saw your centerpiece?! I am so thrilled - you used it on your big day! hooray for IBFFs!

    everything looked beautiful! bravo!

  2. Looks and sounds like a nice holiday. Welcome back :-)

  3. I love those curtains, they look great!
    Your table was beautiful.

  4. I think it looks amazing! And I love LOVE your table linens!

  5. Dexter is the best show! Continue watching you will love the next seasons...

  6. sarah - It normally lives on the ledge on the little window between the kitchen and living room, but it looks fab on the table when I have some linens down... I love it, and it always gets compliments too :)

    Gigi - thanks!

    Andi and Rosa - Thanks, the table cloth is from C&B. I wouldn't be surprised if it is on sale on goes shortly after the holiday....

    Jennifer - I love it! We started season 2 yesterday, sucks being behind, but its also amazing that we can waste entire wkds with netflix marathons haha

  7. SO cute! And aww I love bosten terriers! I want one!

  8. WOW, look at that table! It is gorgeous! I love the table cloth and the candle holder is sooo elegant, yet funky! And aww, thanks for the shout out! I love your mix-and-match dining room chair look! I'm sure that no one else will notice that the head chairs are lower, haha! They really do add something fun and youthful to the setup.


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