Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is a close re-enactment of what happened in our house this morning.....  True Story.

Long story short.  For the 3rd time in two years, a bird flew into the dryer vent (on the 3rd floor exterior)... fell behind the dryer, yet this time... this bird freed itself through the foil coil that connects to the dryer and attempted a getaway throughout our house.

I will now die 5 years earlier than planned.

Really, Life?  Really?


  1. Yes, but I saw that you won the handbag giveaway on the Look 4 Less so that makes everything better ;)

  2. Haha, yes.. that made yesterday amazing... a MUCH better start to the week compared to last Monday...

    This bird (alive in our house) thing is just too comical... I'd say you can't make this sht up, but clearly the writers of Modern Family can :)

  3. I shuddered as I read your story - ick. Did you get the bird out of the house eventually? I hope so!

  4. This happened to me before! Except I wasn't brave enough to go after it with anything - I just hid in the other room and watched like a big baby as is kept flying into the windows trying to get out. And I may or may not have yelped like a little girl trying to get the windows open so it would leave.

    In other words, I know exactly how you feel. Haha.

  5. Brittany - Yes, we got it out... but only after I screamed bloody murder LOL

    Lindsay - Sounds like you do know how I feel... so gross!


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