Monday, November 8, 2010

[Sale] Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

I'm still browsing through some of the offerings  - and trying to refrain from the impulse of sale shopping, but I had to share this item....

Trouve Double Knit Leggings are 33% off... I've heard great things about these leggings, but have continuously passed on buying them because I don't wear leggings that much.  I think for $24.90, I'll finally pick them up!

Trouvé Double Knit Leggings - Nordstrom $24.90

Happy Shopping!


  1. I have been so busy with work I did not even realized the Nordstrom sale was coming up!
    Hopefully I can stop by the store before it ends.

  2. Me too Rosa! I think it actually started last Wed... totally forgot, prob better for my wallet that way :)

  3. i went on saturday and almost bought a laundry by shelli segal (sp?) dress but it was still $150 and it was a black dress...I couldn't justify it LOL!

  4. your blog is so adorable!!!
    Those leggings sound like something I'd want to get a pair of - especially if they really are double knit :) I live in the Boston area so they'd come in handy!

  5. V- you, another black dress, couldn't justify?? LOL :)

    Kinsey - Thanks! I'm heading over to the mall tonight, I'm def going to see if I can find them.


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