Monday, November 22, 2010

Half-Assed Weekend

Sorry readers (again)... I've just been slacking terribly in keeping up with my posts.  Kinda half assed if you will... like everything we attempted to complete this weekend.

On Saturday I wanted to hang our Christmas lights up outside.  Almost 1/2 of our strands were duds.  I got pretty far with ones that worked than realize the connector outlet on them wasn't the type for a bigger prong for the other strands we had left and had to take them down and start over.  I eventually gave up and now need to go invest in more lights - so annoying!

I did get to hang the new curtain rod.  The husband patched the old holes, but we still didn't paint over the spackle.  I also did wash the new curtains, but never got around to hemming them. Sheesh.

I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, and only got through half my list before I started feeling gross and couldn't stand being in the crowded supermarket and left. Haha.

This trend needs to stop, nothing will ever get done!

Anyway, I figured since I needed some pictures to include in this post - because who likes posts without pictures?? I'd post some of my favorite/wanted items to do these half assed activities in - lounge clothes!

(since I never took pictures of my half assed light job, half assed curtain hanging, and half assed grocery shopping loot)...

half assed
half assed
half assed

... tehehe...

Shapeshifting Sweats Cardi - Anthropologie $78

Seventh Day Loungers - Anthropologie $58

Final Course Pullover - Anthropologie $68

Anyone else out there having touble getting it done??


  1. Erinn - had to tell you! I made your baked scallops dish (umm, finally?!?) and loved it!!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! =) =)

  2. Those pants look so comfortable!
    Maybe this short week will be a good week to catch up. I am with you though, I hate having to replace christmas light every year, but it always seems like regardless of how careful you are when storing them, some of they always get damaged.

  3. ooh I've been eyeing that sweatshirt also. love!

  4. I'm totally in the same half-assed slump! I feel like I'm constantly starting projects and just never have enough motivation to finish them. Hopefully the upcoming long weekend will be just the thing I need!

  5. I bought those lounge pants for my mom last year... she loves them!! she is wearing them on her 15 hour flight back to the US as we speak!

  6. I know what you mean! Sometimes life just gets away from itself!

    I've been so busy lately that I'm seriously considering not even decorating for Christmas - bc one guess who would have to put everything away after the holidays?!

  7. Feel better E!! Sometimes I feel half even quarter assed too!

  8. Anh - Yum! So glad you liked them!

    Rosa - Maybe my lights have a two year life span, they were fine last yr, this year, dead. Such an annoyance.

    Heather - Looove comfy clothes ;)

    Kristen - I agree, I already finished a few projects (but mainly because company is coming and that lit a fire under my arse)

    MsHark - Thanks for the review, maybe I'll ask Santa for them :)

    Lisa - I thought the same thing, but I'm sure I will... maybe not as full scale.

    Amber - Thanks!

  9. I love the pull over. Such a great stylish sweatshirt.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  10. Hahaha, I have trouble getting things done sometimes, too! It never seems like there's enough time! I've had the paint and sanding paper ready to make over some of my dining room chairs for like, 2 months now, and STILL haven't gotten around to doing it...


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