Friday, November 12, 2010

[Anthro] Recycling Bianka

Like many of you, I placed a nice little (lie.) order when Anthropologie had their sale two weeks ago (luckily I was able to resist this week's).  Part of my order included earrings, which sadly I returned.   They were bigger than I expected and just weren't what I was looking for. 

However, if you have ever ordered a small accessory from Anthropologie you may have noticed that they come cutely bagged in fun and reusable fabric baggies.

I was pleasantly surprised - like the dork I am - when the bag was made of the same print as the blue motif Bianka Blouse that I tried on here....

So, even though I passed on the blouse... it still looks like I got my own little piece of Bianka...

Happy Friday Readers!


  1. Aww wow, I never noticed that before! That's so cute!

  2. That is a suprising observation. I have many of those little jewelry bags hanging around. But none of them have ever matched any of my Anthro clothing. I just ordered the Bianka Blouse in the Moss colorway.


    Anthro Closet Chaos

  3. I love it when stores ship stuff with cute wrapping. More than once I've regretted the purchase but saved the bag/box it was shipped in because it was so nice!

  4. now... only if they used that fabric to make the baggies and actually made more shirts!!

  5. Hey- I tagged you in a post. Would love to know more about the lady behind the blog. Please check out my blog when you get the chance! :-)


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