Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Home Decorating] Bay Window Part 2 of 3

Wow... where have I been?

Can tell you where I haven't - shopping!

I've been so wrapped up in getting the house in "visitor" condition that I haven't had time to shop or blog about shopping - my wallet thanks me.  Of course "visitor" condition is always more than just dusting, vacuuming, and changing the sheets in the guest room.  My visitor condition always includes some last minute home renovations.

We ordered the bay window curtain rod and finally went and got curtains last weekend (ok, so I've been shopping a little). 

Umbra Solutions Bayview Black Window Set - Bed Bath and Beyond $49.99

Ritva Curtains (2 Panels) - Ikea $19.99 (woohoo)

Since we had a little issue with another bird flying into our dryer vent, our dryer has been out of commission.  Now that it's back up and running, I'll wash the curtains tonight, before I measure where to hang the curtain rod.  I am afraid the curtains will be too wide at 57", if that's the case I think cutting them in half and using some iron-on hem tape will do just the trick and get up 4 panels instead of two (like the BBB stock photo above)

I'll be back later with a Poll to get your opinions of what you like better, the current set up or the new.  I'll also share some polyvores of how I've been dressing recently, since the camera battery died and I haven't recharged it yet... oops.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

[Holidays] Table Setting Ideas

I love that the holidays are upon us.  You already know I went crazy picking things up for Thanksgiving Dinner, but look at these cute ideas I found at (natch).

Pinecone Turkey

Pom-Pom Tom Turkey

Trivia Turkey
(such a cute idea if you are hosting two families for the first time)

Printed Linens

Glimmer and Shine
(perfect for anyone who loves some sparkle)

Modern and Simple

Harvest Napkin Ties
(I still need 4 more napkin rings - I think I found my solution!)

Beaded Napkin Ring
(even easier than the acorn option above!)

Do you have a creative table setting in mind? 

Find the rest of Martha's creative ideas HERE

Thursday, November 4, 2010

back... weekend wedding recap

Wow Readers, sorry for the little hiatus... This week has just been crazy.  I'm getting my car fixed from when I was rear ended a few weeks ago and I have been, what seems, like running a ton of errands.   So now that I have a minute to sit, I thought I'd recap my amazing weekend.

One of my closest friends got hitched and it was just a perfect day (and weekend!)

The bride was gorgeous, the weather sunny and cool, and the groom teared up as he watched his bride walk down the aisle (this always gets me)...  We had a great time and had so much fun all weekend long.

all dolled up

how many bridesmaids does it take to button up a wedding dress?

beautiful fall flowers


The bride gave us bridesmaid gifts that included an adorable reusable bag, a make up case, a pashmina (seen above) that matched our shoes perfectly, and the gorgeous necklace and earrings seen in the photos above.  I'm obsessed with the both! 

Sadly, the etsy seller appears to no long have a profile.... but here are some similar looks I found, in case you love the look as much as I do!

Cara Accessories Pearl & Crystal Statement Necklace - Nordstrom $98

Bobble Statement Necklace - The Limited $39.90

Braided Ribbon-Tie Necklace - Kenneth Cole $79.98

Hope everyone is having a great week!