Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

Just a short list of some items, I've tentatively added to my mental wishlist (either to try or buy).  These items of course fall behind my "Strict List", but I just can't resist adding some more for later....

Frothy Top - Anthropologie $39.95
For some reason I'm itching to add some green to my closet.  This top, that I've previously passed right over, now seems like the perfect transitional top to wear with skinnies and boots or flats... It could also be throw over a thermal or under a cropped cardi or blazer.

Trouve Double Knit Legging - Nordstrom $38
I'm not a big "legging" wear-er, but I still think I could use a nicer pair (my $6 Target ones are becoming a bit too "around the house" only)

BDG Schoolboy Blazer - Urban Outfitters $78
A blazer has been on my list for a while (just pretty far at the bottom)... I love the lining on this one and the more cropped cut - 'boyfriend' blazers make me look like a kid playing dress up....

What's on your current wishlist??


  1. The Mullany Dress is at the top of my wishlist! Go on sale already!

  2. OMG, I love the blazer, that's what I have been looking for!

  3. I have those leggings and I love them. I made sure to buy another pair for this year.

    I just bought a ton of stuff ... so I am DONE shopping! I bought 3 pairs of flats, jeans, that navy coat... I need to be done. Most recently I bought the facile camp shirt from Antro (omg loved it and needed it even though it's not the most practical purchase, by the time I get it that is), and Cole Haan Air Astrid flats.

    The ONLY thing I can buy is maybe a sweater or two. For good layering under a coat. No cardigans, a pullover.

    And that's IT! :)

  4. Sara - I think you made the right choice to wait, hopefully it'll get marked down next tuesday (with the breezy ride cardi!)

    Rosa - I haven't tried it in real life, but looks like the perfect 'go-to' blazer in the product shot....

    MsHark.... ok, so I think I'm talking myself out of the flats... I'm afraid they are going to be too light. The product shot on Shirese has them looking very light beige instead of tan.... gahhh

  5. Ahhh that has me wanting to bust out my blazers!! You have to get ne, They are my staple!

  6. love that blazer! On my wish list is a rose gold watch... must have!

  7. Amber - too bad you're having a heat wave, I'm sure you'll be able to break out the blazers soon enough....

    Daniela - Check out Couture & Crayons blog (link in sidebar), she just scored a Michael Kors rose gold watch from Neiman Marcus Last Call online :)

  8. You know, after closer inspection, I am not so sure it's the same color. I think the Shirese one is possibly a different color all together. The ones on NM are shiny and have a patent-ish look to them, the Shirise ones are completely matte and lighter.

  9. BTW Neimans has more sizes in the beige! more came in.

  10. OK wait they don't. nevermind! lol. sorry!

  11. Haha, thanks for the play by play Steph! love you


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