Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Wishlist Wednesday] Sephora F&F

Word on the street is that Sephora Friends and Family is kicking off on Friday... maybe even tomorrow (?)  Without an official confirmation, I've still taken to creating my wishlist.

I already ordered Bliss Fabulously Foaming Cleanser and two sensitive Clarisonic Brushheads last week from for 20% Off and 8% cash back thru Ebates.  Unlike Sephora, they regularly offer 20% Off codes and 8% cash back thru Ebates.  If you can't go crazy all at one time Sephora, maybe just make the make up or "Sephora" specific purchases and hold off on the skincare you can get elsewhere for less later...

Here's what's patiently waiting in my shopping cart for 20% Off....

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - currently sold out online :(

(pricey, but this is the only eye cream that hasn't burned my eyes)

I'm also in need of a new eyeshadow or eyeshadow set.  Sadly the Urban Decay Naked Palette that was insanely popular has sold out.  I'm looking for either two individual or a 4 set of colors that are natural and flattering for my blue eyes (fairish skin and brown hair).  Any suggestions on brands and colors??


Don't have Ebates??  Sign up HERE!


  1. No suggestions on eyeshadow, since I fell in love with a palette at Chanel that is WAY too expensive. But I did try the hydra life tinted moisturizer and I AM IN LOVE. A little goes a long way, and it's exclusive to sephora. I'm waiting for the F&F discount so I stock up on shampoo, conditioner, and face wash.

  2. I have this eyeshadow set from Smashbox and I love it - it's a great neutral, and the deep brown is stunning in the crease! it's Head Shot, which is shown in the picture.

  3. great list! I am so not a beauty girl so I love to see what other people are into.

    ohhh and GO GIANTS! ;)

  4. Tien - I have a few chanel sets that were hand me downs from my mom (she worked for them for a bit)... they are great, but like you said $$...

    Mandee - I like that set and have considered it before, but right now the Smashbox set I have I'm not liking the consistency/texture. It's "flakey" if that makes sense.. when I put a brush to it.. like becomes like loose powder... isn't smooth... but I normally am a huge fan of smashbox...

    Amber - grrrr giants!

  5. Great list! I use that eye cream and it's fantastic.
    Have you considered Tarte products for eyeshadows? I love their Lock and Roll product.

  6. Love your list! I'm hoping to score some Oscar Blandi hair powder...

    For shadows, I recommend Stila's - I bet Kitten & Oasis would both look lovely on you. Also, NARS has a shadow combo called All About Eve which is super pretty.

  7. You are so good, sticking to the essentials! I've already started my list too (on my sidebar in the blog), my bag is full, just waiting for the code to appear!

  8. I've been stalking that Naked palette too! Sold out everywhere, for at least a few months now. I do have a Chanel eye shadow set that I love but I agree they are $. sigh.

  9. Rosa - I've looked at Tarte, but never tried... maybe I'll check them out instore, thanks!

    Coley - Thanks for the rec!!

    Andi - I forget if the code is reusable... but if it is, make your purchases in bunches of $50 (for the free shipping)... you'll get more free samples that way ;)

    Sammie - I didn't care about the Naked paletted when it came out... but now that I want new eyeshadow I'm so sad I missed it!

  10. I have two palettes from Too Faced (naked and natural) and love both of them. One is supposed to be for warmer skintones and the other for cooler, but I wear both. I've got my list all planned out too. Can't wait!

  11. I love Dior's Incognito quint. Hands down my favorite natural eyeshadows.

  12. This one looks pretty. I haven't seen it in person but I love the smashbox sets.$sessionid$TVKE1PMPJO2GKCV0KQRRHOQ;jsessionid=TVKE1PMPJO2GKCV0KQRRHOQ?id=P273555&categoryId=A47
    I got this one over the summer and really like it too.$sessionid$TVKE1PMPJO2GKCV0KQRRHOQ;jsessionid=TVKE1PMPJO2GKCV0KQRRHOQ?id=P267300

  13. FF sale is on today! Code is FF2010. Thanks for the heads up, which caused me to look for it this morning. :)

  14. Thanks for the heads up Callie - I already place (my first) order, haha!!

    Thanks for the all the eyeshadow ideas everyone... I made a list and will check them out instore over the wkd, thanks!!


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