Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[Shopaholic] Going Strong

I know I classified this post under "shopaholic" which is normally what I do when I write about a new (or multiple) purchases, but I figured my "shopping diet" kinda falls under here in a weird way...

Today is Day 5 (going for the whole month) of enlisting my "Strict List".  Since today was also a huge Anthro mark down day, I thought I'd check in and report while none of the items that were on my list got cut, a few other items I've had my eye had.... and I resisted!   To top that, I returned the Belted Tweed Shorts and got $54.90 back in my pocket... so check me out!

However.... if I can find these at my store (to avoid shipping - you know I hate shipping), I think I'll pick them up.  Even if it means not buying a lunch to rationalize the measly $10!  ;)

Sunshower Earrings in Yellow - Anthropologie $9.95


  1. I resisted the lure of the Anthro sale too - nothing on my wishlist hit sale, so I sat out (though my shopping cart did get loaded to the brim before I rationalized myself out of ordering - dang rationalization!)

  2. I also resisted the Anthropologie sale. And to a certain degree, I resisted the Bloomingdales Friends and Family sale. I only needed a black jacket and that's all I got regardless of wanting a bunch of different things, but let's be honest, I did not need those things.
    You are doing a good job so far. I do love those earrings, but you are right, I would hate to paid for shipping. Hope you can find them in the store.

  3. Lisa - I do that all the time! (fill up my cart then ditch it)... There were a few things I like, but nothing I loved/"had" to have...

    Rosa - Sounds like your jacket was a need, so at least you scored it with 20% off :) And yeah, I hate shipping period, but especially on something that costs $9.95 and weighs two ounces... no thank you.


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