Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[Review/OOTD] Free People Skinnies

I ordered these Free People Skinnies two weeks ago during the Piperlime 25% Off Sale.  I added them last minute to my order just to try in case the 1st pair of jeans I ordered didn't work out... plus, I didn't want to pass up the 25% Off!

Free People Super Skinny Five Pocket Jeans - Piperlime $68

They retail for $68, which I think is fantastic... but then again, I'm also brain washed into thinking that denim easily costs over $150, so that's just my natural response.

The pants are great!  It's hard to call them denim skinnies when they definitely have a "jegging" vibe.  Luckily, they have working zippers and buttons (my definition of "jeggings" don't, but an elastic waist band or faux buttons and zippers).... They are super soft, but also give the feeling of a little structure than compared to something like yoga pants that kinda just hugs your lumps, bumps, and humps...  

They are about 2" too long, but they easily tuck under to the length I want so no alterations required - which is huge!

Since I'm notorious for falling inbetween sizes, I went with the Piperlime reviews and sized up to my usual "higher" size.  They fit great, a tiny gap at my waist and little bunchy at the knees (which I'll glady take over being squeezed like a sausage), but comfortable around my hips and thighs.  If you are an inbetweener, go up.  If you are a single size lady, I'm not sure why your regular size wouldn't work. 

And since this is what I wore yesterday... some OOTD shots...

J.Crew Merino Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan
J.Crew Tissue Brushed Bouquet Tee
Free People Super Skinny 5 Pocket Jeans (link above)
Tory Burch Reva Flats
J.Crew Gingham Scarf
Banana Republic Earrings

Happy Hump Day!


  1. warning do not dry! I ripped the heck of mine, luckily Nordstrom took them back.

  2. wow, thanks for the tip.... thats crazy!!

  3. You are so freaking adorable! They look great on you, yay for Amber's tip, that would have sucked!

    ps-is your hair lighter? it looks extra caramel-y and gorg

  4. Thanks Andi, hair isn't lighter... I think it's just the lighting/flash (was a dark and rainy morning)... sometimes it photographs really dark others it looks more how it is in real life - a light/medium brown with auburn or strawberry undertones....

  5. Those jeans are so cute! I have a pair of jeggings from Paige Denim and basically are just skinny jeans but with lots of stretch and I love them. I know I am gonna live in mine this Fall.

  6. Super cute outfit. LOVE the pictures and frames behind you!


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