Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch!


Happy Sunday Readers!


  1. Oh how fun! This reminds me of the patch we took my nephew to last year - he was so intent on picking up pumpkins and putting them into the back of his little cart. And he got so upset when he encountered pumpkins he couldn't pick up!

  2. How fun! We're headed out to the pumpkin patch right now! Can't wait & thanks for sharing your pics!

  3. So much fun! You look so cute with your pumpkin!

  4. aww how fun! I am so jealous.... really... there is absolutely zero holiday feel here. :( Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be sad.

  5. Lisa - that's soo funny (and cute!)

    Kristen - Hope you had fun!

    Rosa - Thanks darling

    MsHark - that must be odd to 'skip' holidays, but at least you'll get to experience "Chinese New Year"... that has to be insane right?


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