Saturday, October 9, 2010

[Poll] Window Pain

OK... maybe not as "painful" as the way Eminem sings in "Love the Way You Lie", but the bay window in our living room is creating quite a predicament.

It was easy to hang a long curtain rod in our bedroom because there is a piece of wall that goes over the window, yes I'm describing this terribly, so here are some pictures to help....

(so happy with this result)

Living Room:

(picture taken at the inspection)

(picture taken in '09 with our updated make shift valence)

See what I mean?  There is nowhere to hang a rod unless I want it floating over the bump out...

Months ago, while trying to solve this predicament... I came across this photo.

A special rod to solve my problem...

Umbra Solutions Bayview Black Window Set - Bed Bath and Beyond $49.99

Now here is the problem... you may have noticed in other pictures, that this area belongs solely to the two puppers that run this household.

Since the pups love to peek out all three windows (and wrestle like a-holes on the ottoman), I'm afraid to hang curtains down the center that they will (1.) become filthy from wet noses and gunky eyes (hey, at least we don't have a slobber problem here!) and (2.) that when the pups run around like crazies, they may get tangled and yank them down.  This whole area by the ottoman (not just on it) is "their" area... they sleep, chew bones, and occasionally use the furniture as a vice to "pin" their opponent in the high energy wrestling matches - I'm sure any of you with two+ pups will understand....

So dear readers, my husband and I really dislike our current makeshift valence.  We love the look of floor to ceiling window treatments because of the height they add to the room, but is it 'practical' for our lifestyle?

Should we....
  1. leave what we have (maybe pick out a new color) since it's the practical choice
  2. hang floor to ceiling curtains and teach the pups to avoid rough housing around them.
  3. hang floor to ceiling curtains and just wash them or replace when necessary  
  4. Fill in the Blank!
Readers, please give us some feedback.  We are so on the fence on what we want to do vs. what we should do....  Any other ideas we haven't thought of I'd LOVE to hear!!


  1. I really like the curtain that goes all the way around. You could just place them in the corners like in the picture you posted. Hopefully that would minimize some of the pup issues. If you got really long curtains and just washed them in case they shrink you could just keep washing them. Good luck! I love house decorating things, so fun!

  2. I'd hang the curtains and just wash 'em as needed. Make sure to anchor that rod in good though! :)

  3. I also like the idea of just putting the curtains on the ends of that special rod. If you wanted more of a coordinated look, you could always replace the mini-blinds with matching roman shades like the this Pottery Barn product shot:

  4. Thanks for the feedback so far ladies!! So just put two panels on the end and skip the center window?

    Michelle - I love the roman shades, but the blinds are actually "pleated shades" and were custom put in the whole downstairs of the house before we bought it.... since we plan on selling in a few years, I'd hate to invest in something we won't take with us :(

  5. I love your bedroom look! I definitely like the wraparound Umbra rod for the living room though, and I agree with the other girls - just add two panels on the end! You could always add the others later if you decide to. In fact, I have been looking for a solution to my dining room bay windows and I love the Umbra rods! Perfect!

  6. I totally understand the pup problem. I have a three pane window in my dining room were the pup looks out as well. His bed is in the center like your ottoman and I only put curtains on the outside for that reason. (mine is not a bay-window and has a straight wall.)

  7. I agree with the others... but you can always start out with the ones in the middle as well, who knows if it would really be affected by the pups.

  8. This may be semi-tacky, but I'll throw it out there anyways:
    You could do the awesome custom rod and then hide hooks behind the outside curtains. Keep them pulled back and out of the way for everyday use, and let them down when you have company over. That way it's the best of both worlds.
    Curtains are a bitch to wash, only bc they all have to be done at the same time, then they have to be ironed...

  9. I was going to suggest roman shades also but saw your comment about the window size. Id probably do the curtains anyway and then replace as needed or try to watch the pups around them. If you sign up for JC Pennys emails they have great sales on nice curtains.

    PS, I love that line from Eminems Love the way you lie. :o)


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