Monday, October 4, 2010

[OOTDs] Last Week & Weekend

First up, an outfit that I actually remembered/had time to photograph last week....

Wednesday - BOOTS!

Anthro Tranquil Flow Tunic (similarish vibes here and here)
JBrand The Deal Skinnies (here)
Miz Mooz King Boots (here)
RitzyMisfit "E" Initial Necklace in Plum

Finally the right weather for boots, and this was the first time wearing my Tranquil Flow Tunic that I scored on ebay after becoming obsessed with Lily's similar tunic on an old How I Met Your Mother Episode (see post on obsession here).

And for those of you are wanting to know what I wore out this weekend..... I started with this polyvore set that I made last weekend, but swapped the black skinnies for dark blue (since they were fresh out of the dryer) for our Champagne Brunch...

Free People Skinnies in Black

J.Crew Merino Melanie Button Cuff Cardi (Fall '08)
Anthro Graces Tank (here)
J.Brand The Deal Skinnies (here)
Tory Burch Revas (here)
J.Crew Gingham Scarf
Anthro Unpredictable Prisms Earrings

Then, we went to a, eh hemm, lap dance class (insert blushing face) - but readers, what a riot!  If you are planning an upcoming Bachelorette Party and you haven't done this... do it!  (Just make sure you have a few drinks first so you can have fun with it)....  And I totally think all the hair flipping from class made my hair AWESOME for later that evening -haha!

Our instructor was hysterical - sometimes because she was joking and it was funny, and sometimes because she was dead serious and we were just laughing at her... (if you are in the Hoboken area and want the reference shoot me an email)... 

Anyway... after "dancing" we got went back and got ready for actual dancing (and dinner too).   I went with the purple skirt and, since it was cold out, paired it with some tights and boots...

(sorry the only full length shot, right, was stolen from the being in the background of one of my friends pics)

Banana Republic Cowl Neck Tee (very similar)
Express Tiered Ruffle Skirt (here)
Asset Black Tights (Target!)
Ash Ono Foldover Boots (similar but cheaper and with a wedge)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo (here)
Anthro Unpredictable Prisms Earrings

We went to dinner at SEA in the Meatpacking District in NYC.  The food (and drinks) were great and the bill was SUPER reasonable for a party of 8.  Definitely a great spot for a group of people or girlfriends.  We bar hopped a little before heading back to Hoboken and dancing the rest of the night at the hotel bar.

Needless to say, I spent all of Sunday laying on the couch.  But fun weekends with girlfriends are so worth it!!

Happy Monday Readers, Hope you had a Fantastic Weekend!!


  1. All your outfits are super cute and I am so jealous of your weekend in NYC. It seems like your time in NYC was legendary!
    I also love HIMYM. It's one of my favorite shows.

  2. What a fab weekend, sounds like such an incredible time! I love your bach outfit, so fun but classy (yay Capricorn! lol)

    Great outfits too, love that polyvore set from today especially

  3. i really love that read and white striped sweater and the brown boots :)

  4. A girl after my own heart...Revas and cardigans galore!

  5. I love that anthro tunic you scored on ebay! similar to my diaphaenous tunic from anthro that I love, can't wait to wear this year!

    cute cute cute! i'm totally craving another plaid scarf now! I have a black and white plaid one already, but may try to get the red plaid andi has.

  6. Rosa - Ha! Love it... and yes,it was a great night... too bad I couldn't hang with the gang at McLarens :)

    Thanks Andi!

    V- It's the Field Game Cardi from Anthro... you may be able to find one if you stalk eBay (i can totally see you loving the Grey and Pink version)

    BeautyGirl - Flats and Cardis (and jeans) are my staples... would be happy if that was a uniform.

    MsHark - I love the scarf Andi got... however, maybe I should go more feminine next time at go for floral haha

  7. I love the blue bud and bunches tee--so girly! I want the Anthro Tranquil Flow Tunic--looks very cute on you!

    By the way, I'm thinking of getting Hunter boots. Is the kid's sizes the best way to go with the vertically-challenged girl like me? I'm 5'2. I want some Hunter Wellies, but I wasn't sure which color. I wear a size 7 sometimes 7.5 or 8 in boots.



  8. Thanks Digitalsmacker! I'm normally a 7 (sometimes down, sometimes up), but almost always a 7. I took a UK4 US5M/6F in my Kids Hunter Wellies... (I like to list all sizes bc sometimes it can be confusing when ordering)...

    I wish they were about an inch higher (I'm also 5'2"), but I like that they are narrower than adult hunters which we just way to big around my calves.

    The only thing that could be a deal breaker is the little reflective stickers on the back right above the heel. I don't mind them at all, but it give away that they are 'kids'... if that bothers you.... Good Luck!


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