Monday, October 11, 2010

[OOTD] Overdosed on Ruffles

I appear to be trending readers... clinging to a look and refusing to let go.  It it isn't just today and last Friday, but if you scroll through past OOTD posts, it's going on there as well.....

I present to you, my uniform of comfort.

  • Cardi
  • Ruffle Tank
  • Skinnies
  • Flats

Friday (moving out day at work) 
Anthropologie Clinging Blossoms Cardigan
Anthropologie Tutu Tank
J.Brand The Deal Skinnies (here)
J.Crew Marjorie Flats in Metallic Blush (here in yummy suede)

I spent most of the work day packing up my belongings so they could be moved to our new office space over the weekend.  It totally felt like a 'last day of school' around the office.

Monday (moving in day at work)
Banana Republic Silk/Cotton Ruffled Cardigan
Anthropologie Graces Tank (here)
Free People 5 Pocket Super Skinnies (here)
Tory Burch Reva Flats (here)
Forever21 Necklace
So that makes today "Moving In Day".... which kind of reminds me of what it was like to move into the dorms at college.  Lots of unpacking, organizing, picture hanging, and general searching around the building... but instead of looking for cute boys I'm looking for printers, copy machines, and water coolers.....

And I totally match the wall with my cardi....

Tomorrow I'll make an effort to change up my my 'go-to' look and be a bit more creative.....

Happy Monday Readers & Thank You for the feedback regarding our curtain dilemma... I'll be sure to follow up as soon as we make some moves ;)


  1. I think having a "uniform" is a great time saver, you always look so clean and put together, lol!

  2. What a great spin Andi! That totally made me feel better since I'm somewhat uninspired... but since the weather is cooling off, I'm getting a lot more options, going to try to be a bit creative (as creative as a jean junkie can be!)

  3. Aww, your uniform looks very comfortable and chic at the same time! I love that your wall matches your cardigan.

  4. love love love your style. Love it!

  5. I think your uniform is adorable. And I have that same tutu tank. Don't you love it?

  6. You look adorable in both pictures though! You rock the look :)

  7. It's a great uniform to have- simple, easy, comfy, chic. No worries, we all do it. :D

  8. Oooo, I wish I looked so good in my "uniforms"! I love how the ruffled tops look on you! And the skinnies are great too! And haha, I totally get what you're saying about moving day being like college all over again -- I definitely got that feeling when I moved offices too!


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