Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Inspired By] My Mommy

Last week, my mom (hi mom!!) uploaded some "retro" pictures to her facebook account - yeah, she's one of those moms who is all over Facebook like a dog to a bone...  (and I'm one of those daughters that teases her about it)....

Anyway, she posted some old family photos from her youth and even though I seen these photos before, I'm just enamored with a few.  I find myself looking at them frequently - whether because I see myself in the photos, love her 60s style and the 'vintage' style of the photographs, or like teasing her about her multitude of hairstyles.  Anyway, after looking at few I realized they are totally worth sharing on this little ol' blog... I know a lot of you readers appreciate the 60s style.

This photo is probably my favorite to look at.  It's my mom at 17 with her first car, a '63 Chevy Nova, that she later painted red.  Such a California Girl!

I love her outfit and it would still be appropriate and stylish today - the embellished cardigan (or jacket?) with the bow on the shoulder, the dress with the full skirt and ruffle placket, and even the light blue chambray-esque color.... maybe just skip the "flip" hairdo?

Here are some items I found that would "recreate her look".

About the Artist Dress - ModCloth $52.99

Darling Clementine Dress - ModCloth $57.99

Afternoon Company Dress in Polka Dots - ModCloth $52.99

or a more modern take....

Milly Ruffled Cotton Wrap Dress - Saks $209.99

Add a Embellished Cardigan:
Corsage Cardigan - Old Navy $25

Grace Bow Cardigan - Fred Flare $52

LC Lauren Conrad Embellished Cropped Cardigan - Kohl's $36.99

And the white clutch with gold hardware:
Street Level 78214 - Piperlime $47.50

Next is a picture of her at a sorority event (on the right) with her roommate and "little" sister. She actually made that dress herself!...

...look at that black winged eyeliner, she could be a ringer for a Austin Powers Fem Bot!

how many 60's hairstyles can you fit into one photo??

A modern version of the DIY halter dress  - just add a wide ribbon headband, a charm bracelet, and some pearls...

INC International Concepts Dress - Macy's $99
She then decided to go a bit Mod and chop her long hair off and learn the art of teasing - a technique that would later come in handy when she moved to JERSEY in the 80s (aka, The Height of the Perm Era)....

This sorority composite photo has always been a favorite of mine.  I think this photo is also why I used to dress up in a blonde wig at age 7, true story... 

Here's another shot of her and my uncle with the short blonde hair.  The day dress is so "Jackie O".

And another dress I found on Modcloth that could easily recreate this look.

Red All About It Dress - ModCloth $89.99

and the belt.. .

See by ChloĆ© Elasticated waist belt  - TheOutnet $47.25

Do you love looking at old photos of your parents?  Did they follow the trends of the eras they lived through??... my mom later moved into the "hippie" movement, grew her hair back out and bought a VW Bus...tehehe


  1. it...yes that is a cardi, the sleeves are always too long for me....and the look for me was winged liner and '3 pair of lashes'!!! Hate to spoil the illusion but the 'long' hair is actually a fall, today I suppose you would get extensions...I like the more affordable 'fall' ;)

  2. What's a fall? Like a clip in wig?.... you still had your hair super long in the 70s.... maybe if you scan your pictures from the Hippie and Bellbottom days I'll share those next :)

  3. Oh my gosh, these pictures are amazing! Thank you sooo much for sharing them. Your mom is so beautiful and stylish (no surprise). This is probably one of my favorite blog posts ever.

  4. Thanks Andi... this was actually a super fun post to write up. Something about old photos that are just so fun to look at. My mom was definitely always on top of the latest fashions (and all the crazy hairstyles to go with them, hehe)... she was even a fashion design major in college :)

  5. What an awesome post! I love the pictures and the ways to modernize the outfits. I agree with Andi above, your mom is beautiful and stylish!

  6. Your mom is so pretty!! I love the sorority photo. What a fantastic post, love seeing your stylish mama!

  7. I love this post! It is so cute and your mom was (is?) quite the stylish lady!

  8. your mom is gorgeous! I loved all of her outfits! :D

  9. AHHH I lvoe those!! Awesome pictures! And you look just like your mom!

  10. I would definitely wear the first and third dress! The first dress reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel would wear :)

  11. omgosh loving this post! and totally loving her clothes and your similar picks! so jealous of her perfect hair poof!

  12. Your mom is cute & stylish! I see good taste runs in the family! :)

  13. SweeT - thanks and seriously, I think it's crazy that a lot of those styles are still popular today...

    J - I love her sorority photo too, she's looks like a movie star in it (those eyelashes!)

    MsLucy - Thanks Lady!

    Sammie & Amber - Thanks girls!

    Sara - I can totally see you and Kim in the first outfit... it's totally both your girly, Anthro estethic

    Cara- I've been told maintaining that hair was a job in itself, haha..

    Libbeh - Thank you!

  14. Your mom is so gorgeous!! My mom was stylish as well. Sometimes I wish she would have saved some of the items that came back into style and I could own some vintage fashions.

  15. Wow, your mom is SO beautiful! I only recently found old pictures of my mom and grandmother and I'm dying to recreate their style ): Thanks for commenting on my blog, you have amazing style!


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