Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Inspired By] Bloggers Free Flowing & Strict List Update

I thought since it's Tuesday (aka the sometime Anthro Sale day) I'd check in and post about the status of my shopping diet. 

I posted at the end of September that I was going to try to stick to my strict wishlist and only make (clothing)purchases from that list, if at all, for the month of October.  And so far so good! And I only have 5 more days to go....

The only clothing item purchased this WHOLE month was the Breezy Ride Polkas Cardigan last week, which I not so patiently waited months for to hit the sale rack - success!  I also made a few non-clothing, yet non-essential purchases as well.   I was suckered into the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Essie deal at Ulta, but with my $5 Off coupon via Instyle Magazine (they are in there every month - make sure you don't over look yours!) all three bottles rang up for $13.78, which is roughly $4.60 a bottle, awesome!

I got Chinchilly, Mademoiselle, and my favorite "Good To Go" Top Coat.

I also bought some fun crafty supplies to make my faux ceramic pumpkins and of course my Crate & Barrel run to stock up for Thanksgiving hosting duties.   My Sephora F&F purchase was a planned expense and the main reason I wanted to cut back on clothing purchases for the month.

I also took the time to re-evaluate my current (non-strict) wishlist - removing and adding some new items and finding the "gaps" in my closet.  I also decided that there were a few items that got away that I'm going on the hunt for even though it may be against better judgement.

Case in point:  Anthropologie's Bordeaux Free Flow Tank.

I tried this tank on back in March.  I passed originally because the fit just wasn't perfect, so I bought the Tutu Tank instead.  The straps were a bit too long and the fit was a tad loose, however I've been kicking myself since.  The versatilityof this top is endless... here are some of my favorite looks that induce a 'what did I do?!' cringe every time....

(would love to copy this with my red Field Game Cardigan)

(sorry Chloe, but this was my favorite shot of the lot)

and of course my television style icon -Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother...


I've posted a few ISO smoke signals - EA's Looking to Buy, Polyvore, and saved eBay searches... but so far I've only been contacted about the navy colorway. While I am currently in desperate need of a cute navy camisole (something high on wishlist), I'm not sure if I should settle - but beggar's can't be choosers, right??

I proved to myself there are endless combinations of ways to wear the navy Free Flow Tank with items I already have (and still want), but would I still be itching for the beige version? Is the navy worth the original full asking price of $78 (with free shipping) even though I know I might need to get some alterations on the straps?... I could always DIY with some safety pins, they weren't ginarmous or anything, just a little loose.

Free Flow Tank in Navy

I'm going to make up my mind shortly since I need to respond to the generous seller pronto, but thought I'd get reader feedback. What would you do in this situation?
  •  Jump on it - navy is a staple and perfect for winter
  •  Pass and wait - beige is just the better color for this top


  1. I purchased that top in an xs but it was waaay too big (I am normally an xs in anthro tops) so I returned it. I love it in the beige/nude. I think you should pass on navy!

  2. Thanks Sammie! I'm an XS too, it wasn't so large I was sized out, but it was just looser than I wanted. I'm thinking now since I'd be wearing it with cardigans, it wouldn't need to be so fitted - especially if I make the strap adjustment...

  3. I would pass and wait. 1, because you're having a strict shopping list reinforcement, 2, because it's not really the color you want, and 2, because it's still full price... for something you're just settling for.

  4. I would pass and wait...I am kicking myself for not picking up the beige when I found it on sale, but it didn't fit me great either so I wasn't 100% sold at the time.

  5. I had the beige on sale in my hands way back when, walked around with it, and decided to put it back ("WAH" indeed!) I do like the navy combo too - but if you're jonesing for the beige and the navy is being offered at full retail price, I'd wait for the beige. After all, it is the one you really wanted, isn't it? :o)

  6. I saw wait for the beige since it shows the layering detail better.

    I always get suckered into the buy 2 get 1 free nail polish deals at ULTA, especially when I have a coupon. I seriously have accumulated over 30 polishes in probably the last 6-8 months...it's so wrong, but I can't stop myself! I got Chinchilly recently since I've been into the brown/taupe colors, but I didn't like it on my nails :/

  7. I don't know, I think beige really shows off the layering and detail more. It gets kind of lost on the navy imo.

  8. Even though I passed on the beige b/c of the color (I am really pale), if it's what YOU really want, I say get the beige!!! I also agree w/ Andi - the beige really shows off the layering & detail, and the navy doesn't really show the layering much at all. And those are all fabulous looks you posted!!!

  9. I think the navy is beautiful, personally!

  10. I can fix the straps for you ;) I also agree with your readers, wait for the beige!

  11. Lol, I'm having the same dilemma with the Buds and Bunches Tank. I let it pass me by and now really want the blue one. The only offer I've had so far is for the ivory - which I could use but also wonder if I'd still be after the blue.
    So far, I'm still trying to wait it out.

  12. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Andi - nail on the head... thats the reason I like the beige better, the black kinda gets lost on the navy...

    Mom - Thanks! :)

    MichelleM - Thats I great top (I have it!) Isn't it crazy how you can like something so much more when you can't have it? haha...

  13. Aww, I'm glad that I helped inspire you! And kind of sad that I made you yearn for the top that is eluding you, haha! I am the same way with some heels that I passed on last year from Anthro -- now I'm convinced that I NEED them! Neeeeed! But I think you should pass on the navy because it really doesn't show the wonderful layering as well as the beige. Someday you'll find someone willing to sell it!

  14. Amy you have two items I'm on the hunt for... Free Flow and the Cartography Cardi! One big thing pulling me in favor of the navy is that it's new... I dont know if I'll find a new beige one and I'm hesitant (germaphobe) to buy EUC...

  15. I have both the navy and the beige. I love them both, but I wear the navy more. It's more dramatic.

  16. MichelleM - I have a blue buds and bunches take in a size XS. I've only worn it a couple times. If you are interested let me know...
    SLeighh122 at aol dot com

  17. I tried a knockoff of this shirt on at forever 21. Same color, same style, and less than $78!

  18. Sorry, to be more specific: talking about the free flow tank in navy. :)


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