Thursday, October 14, 2010

[Crafty Lady] Faux Ceramic Pumpkins

I love home decorating and seasonal decorating can be fun too, however, I'm not really a fan of the overload of chinsy chotskis until Christmas.  Also, since we are child-less and aren't super into "Halloween" (you know, since it's apparently inappropriate for grown adults to go door to door asking for candy) I prefer seasonal decor to the spooky...   Let's face it, its cheaper and easier to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving (and Fall in general) once, rather than changing it up each month and holiday.

I'm sure one day our house will be full of paper chain skeletons, but until then I'm keeping it clean and streamlined (and without crafts devised of construction paper and glue sticks)...

Instead, I work with cheap craft store gourds and spray paint.

I saw this crafty project on Young House Love and decided to tackle it myself.  All said and done, it was super easy and super cheap (spent $4.45 on the gourds and $3.85 on the spray paint).

I picked a bag of gourds that already had a bit of a  plastic-y sheen to them (as opposed to the more 'matte' option available).  The two coats of glossy white spray paint, really turned them into more expensive looking decor. 

The cake stand is too small for all of them to fit, so I'll be either placing them in a bowl or arranging them on a table runner (that I have yet to purchase).  I love that I can add some faux fall leaves, acorns, or pine cones and they are ready for Thanksgiving.

If you are more into decorating for the holiday, it may be fun to paint them with glossy black and orange.  I think I'll be spray painting a lot of random items in the future!


  1. Cute!!! I ove love cake stands so I am loving that little set up!! SUper cute.

    And yes great minds (with teams in the NLC) think a like ;)

  2. This is really great! I loved Amber's decorations and this is totally RAD,, love, love!
    Kristina J.

  3. Cute idea!


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