Monday, October 18, 2010

Anthro Sale Wishlist

I'm still sticking to my "Strict List", but depending if there are any decent cuts on these other items, I may just have to try them out as well...

(please freaking go on sale already!!)

(please also go on sale, I'm sick of writing about you... oh, and get to the $29.95 price, because I want you, but you really aren't that special, mmkay?)

Pick a Bunch Cardi $128
(Dear Anthro, This sweater is NOT selling well.  Want to know why?  Because it's priced $128 and its a Viscose (aka Rayon), Nylon, Cotton Blend!... Mark it down and I promise I will buy it.  <3 E)
(I doubt this has been around long enough to get the markdown, but you never know.  I def need to try it on, but it just looks so lovely on Kim.... however, can't justify the price unless it hits under the $100 mark...)

Bianka Blouse in Green Motif $68
(Remember how I missed out on this blouse in black and then thought the blue motif washed me out?  I think the green motif is the perfect answer - plus I was just saying how I wanted more green in my closet....)

I know the Bianka Blouse won't hit the sale rack, but am I asking too much for the other items (maybe the sweatercoat, but not the rest).  I'd love to get these items off my wishlist and into my closet so I can move on with my item stalking life....

andplusalso, it seems I missed the boat on the Tory Burch Eddies I've been "wishlisting" forever and day too long... I'm hoping my size will come back in stock, but looks like I may need to go on a new tan flat hunt... or see if there is a way to give new life to my Coach Ashleen Flats...  so in the meantime, that budgeted expense is getting the boot... literally.  I want more boots!

Thoughts on on these?

Does anyone have these?  The shaft circumference for both are listed all over the map on different sites making it hard to guess if they will be too big or not...

Whats on your Anthro Sale Wishlist for tomorrow??


  1. I hope everything on your list goes on sale! I noticed my local store restocked all colors of the Alice in Autumn Sweatercoat over the weekend, so I'd guess that won't hit sale, but you never know! I've been wearing mine to death!
    It's definitely time for that Breezy Polkas Cardigan to go on sale - gosh, I bought that one ages and ages ago - march I think!

  2. I saw the ivory sweatercoat is back online with a backorder date... my store has it instock (so its on hold) and sadly I KNOW you reviewed and bought (formerly known) Breezy Ride in March and I've been notsopatiently waiting since then... obviously its a want (not need), so hopefully I've finally waited it long enough haha... can't wait to see the feedback tonight!

  3. i'm hoping the plaid capelet and boucle de souffle jacket go on sale soon! as for the boots, i think i like the seychelles better.

  4. Mullany Dress and Breezy Polkas Cardigan are still on my list. I don't know what I'll do if that cardigan doesn't go on sale already!

  5. I hope the Alice goes on sale too, I might have to grab one myself!

  6. Leena- The boucle de souffle is currently sold out in my size, but I so wouldn't mind a mark down and a popback :) and I love the plaid capelet!

    Sara - I'm crossing my fingers for Mullany for you!! seriously, there have been so many times I almost bought the sweater, but I keep think "I've waited this long!"

    Rosa - If it goes on sale I'm def exchanging in the Doubly Dapper Dress, that's a worthy swap :)

    (haha, like how I have a game plan lined up?)

  7. Pick a Bunch Cardi - I NEED you!
    Thank you:)

  8. i'm fairly certain i must own that polka dot cardi...but not till it's on sale!

  9. V- It's on sale - go snag it! also, I grabbed the cutest chemise for $9.95 while picking my breezy ride cardi up... it screams Veronika! haha, it's pink and has bows :)


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