Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day to Night

While I know most people are looking for the insanely popular Urban Decay Naked Palette (which may still be available at, hurry go check!).  I decided I'm not really in need of 12 varying shades of taupes and browns.  I'm a creature of habit and usually find a few colors I like and stick to them.  I figured spending $44 (plus tax and shipping) to only end up using 3 of 12 colors, wasn't worth it for me.

Instead, while scooping out the rec's you kind readers provided me at Sephora, I stumbled across this Bobbi Brown Limited Edition palette while walking through Nordstrom. They were all out of the Warm version in store, but luckily I found it at

It's $45 but shipping is free with code FALL1 (and you'll get an additional free sample of eye cream) and you can also get 4% cash back thru ebates.

The Warm palette is perfect for my coloring, but the Cool colors are super pretty too.  I definitely can see myself wearing the 3 matte colors day in and day out, and using the metallics when I want to add some drama to my look.

I'll report back when it arrives on my doorstep!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[Shopaholic] FINALLY!

The elusive Merino Cool is now finally mine... too bad I can't wear it yet as I need to do my nail pretty pink for this weekend's wedding. 

Soon readers, soon.

....oh and 20% off too, thanks Ulta!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Inspired By] Bloggers Free Flowing & Strict List Update

I thought since it's Tuesday (aka the sometime Anthro Sale day) I'd check in and post about the status of my shopping diet. 

I posted at the end of September that I was going to try to stick to my strict wishlist and only make (clothing)purchases from that list, if at all, for the month of October.  And so far so good! And I only have 5 more days to go....

The only clothing item purchased this WHOLE month was the Breezy Ride Polkas Cardigan last week, which I not so patiently waited months for to hit the sale rack - success!  I also made a few non-clothing, yet non-essential purchases as well.   I was suckered into the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Essie deal at Ulta, but with my $5 Off coupon via Instyle Magazine (they are in there every month - make sure you don't over look yours!) all three bottles rang up for $13.78, which is roughly $4.60 a bottle, awesome!

I got Chinchilly, Mademoiselle, and my favorite "Good To Go" Top Coat.

I also bought some fun crafty supplies to make my faux ceramic pumpkins and of course my Crate & Barrel run to stock up for Thanksgiving hosting duties.   My Sephora F&F purchase was a planned expense and the main reason I wanted to cut back on clothing purchases for the month.

I also took the time to re-evaluate my current (non-strict) wishlist - removing and adding some new items and finding the "gaps" in my closet.  I also decided that there were a few items that got away that I'm going on the hunt for even though it may be against better judgement.

Case in point:  Anthropologie's Bordeaux Free Flow Tank.

I tried this tank on back in March.  I passed originally because the fit just wasn't perfect, so I bought the Tutu Tank instead.  The straps were a bit too long and the fit was a tad loose, however I've been kicking myself since.  The versatilityof this top is endless... here are some of my favorite looks that induce a 'what did I do?!' cringe every time....

(would love to copy this with my red Field Game Cardigan)

(sorry Chloe, but this was my favorite shot of the lot)

and of course my television style icon -Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother...


I've posted a few ISO smoke signals - EA's Looking to Buy, Polyvore, and saved eBay searches... but so far I've only been contacted about the navy colorway. While I am currently in desperate need of a cute navy camisole (something high on wishlist), I'm not sure if I should settle - but beggar's can't be choosers, right??

I proved to myself there are endless combinations of ways to wear the navy Free Flow Tank with items I already have (and still want), but would I still be itching for the beige version? Is the navy worth the original full asking price of $78 (with free shipping) even though I know I might need to get some alterations on the straps?... I could always DIY with some safety pins, they weren't ginarmous or anything, just a little loose.

Free Flow Tank in Navy

I'm going to make up my mind shortly since I need to respond to the generous seller pronto, but thought I'd get reader feedback. What would you do in this situation?
  •  Jump on it - navy is a staple and perfect for winter
  •  Pass and wait - beige is just the better color for this top

Monday, October 25, 2010

Familiar Face, I mean Print

All the Anthrophiles know that ModCloth is great site to get Anthro-esque pieces for less.  Now you can get the same exact fabric just reinvented into a new garment...

Anthropologie Found Foliates Tank

ModCloth Falling Into Place Dress

Which do you prefer the tank or the dress?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tis the Season... well, almost...

The holidays are fast approaching...
  • 7 days until Halloween
  • 32 days until Thanksgiving
  • 62 days until Christmas
  • and 69 days until my Birthday... ok well, New Year's Day for everyone else.

I've mentioned before that I'm a bit more into the "seasonal" decor for Halloween and Thanksgiving than actual ghosts, cauldrons, spiders, and turkeys.  I find right now this is a bit "two birds one stone" and a tad easier on the wallet.  So pumpkins, pine cones, and acorns it is!   I know one day our home will be covered with fake cobwebs and maybe even some glitter skulls, but it just doesn't seem worth the effort when no one is here to see it.  

However, the Fall Harvest-ish theme will be enjoyed, since once again we are hosting Thanksgiving.  This is our second year (of hopefully many more) to invite family over to our home and this year we have a few more guests than last.

While our house is pretty large for 2 people at just under 2,000 sq ft, we don't have a formal dining room to easily feed 10 people without some rearranging.  The joys of townhomes.

Last year there was 7 of us, so we added a folding table and chairs and made like Tim Gunn and "made it work".    I was pretty wrapped up in making my first Turkey, that I decorated as an afterthought. 

(yay! my first bird! - and no one got sick)
This year we will have 3 more guests, so it's time to make some less makeshift maneuvers and think with the future in mind - we plan to continue to host for years!  So our dinner table that currently seats four... will now comfortably seat six.

I was inspired by Amy to mix and match our seating... (and it's going to save us some dough, instead of buying more from our current set!)

Beige Microfiber Parsons Chair with Merlot Legs - Bed Bath & Beyond $99.99

And this year I'm going to make an effort to really 'set' the table.  A daughter/sister in law needs to show off, right?  I swung by Crate & Barrel this afternoon and in addition to grabbing a few more dinner and salad plates for our dinnerware set, I grabbed some great items to decorate the table(s).

First, I picked up this gorgeous table cloth.  I think it will be perfect for Thanksgiving and is also neutral enough to leave on the table through the remaining holidays.  The acorn branch print matches my go to fall favorites and the gold branches are enough glam to bring us through the New Year.  It'll also be perfect to coordinate with our second table, which is getting our white table cloth and a metallic gold table runner.

I picked up 10 pumpkin colored napkins to place at both tables to keep things cohesive.  Also the deep orange color looks great with the candles and pumpkins already scattered throughout the great room.

Then, for the main table the napkins will have these blingy little napkin rings.  Again, these are sparkly enough to be used through December, I'll just swap out the orange napkins for our green ones.  Or maybe go really classy and just use white with some other metallic accents.

I still need to grab 4 more napkin rings for the second table, but I think I'll go with something cheaper different.  I like having fun mixing and matching, and hopefully it'll be something I can reuse for another season if need be.

We still have a few more things to pick up before the big day sneaks up, but I thought this was a great start and really got me excited for the holidays.

Do you host Thanksgiving?  Do you have something that is a table top must?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Inspired By] My Mommy

Last week, my mom (hi mom!!) uploaded some "retro" pictures to her facebook account - yeah, she's one of those moms who is all over Facebook like a dog to a bone...  (and I'm one of those daughters that teases her about it)....

Anyway, she posted some old family photos from her youth and even though I seen these photos before, I'm just enamored with a few.  I find myself looking at them frequently - whether because I see myself in the photos, love her 60s style and the 'vintage' style of the photographs, or like teasing her about her multitude of hairstyles.  Anyway, after looking at few I realized they are totally worth sharing on this little ol' blog... I know a lot of you readers appreciate the 60s style.

This photo is probably my favorite to look at.  It's my mom at 17 with her first car, a '63 Chevy Nova, that she later painted red.  Such a California Girl!

I love her outfit and it would still be appropriate and stylish today - the embellished cardigan (or jacket?) with the bow on the shoulder, the dress with the full skirt and ruffle placket, and even the light blue chambray-esque color.... maybe just skip the "flip" hairdo?

Here are some items I found that would "recreate her look".

About the Artist Dress - ModCloth $52.99

Darling Clementine Dress - ModCloth $57.99

Afternoon Company Dress in Polka Dots - ModCloth $52.99

or a more modern take....

Milly Ruffled Cotton Wrap Dress - Saks $209.99

Add a Embellished Cardigan:
Corsage Cardigan - Old Navy $25

Grace Bow Cardigan - Fred Flare $52

LC Lauren Conrad Embellished Cropped Cardigan - Kohl's $36.99

And the white clutch with gold hardware:
Street Level 78214 - Piperlime $47.50

Next is a picture of her at a sorority event (on the right) with her roommate and "little" sister. She actually made that dress herself!...

...look at that black winged eyeliner, she could be a ringer for a Austin Powers Fem Bot!

how many 60's hairstyles can you fit into one photo??

A modern version of the DIY halter dress  - just add a wide ribbon headband, a charm bracelet, and some pearls...

INC International Concepts Dress - Macy's $99
She then decided to go a bit Mod and chop her long hair off and learn the art of teasing - a technique that would later come in handy when she moved to JERSEY in the 80s (aka, The Height of the Perm Era)....

This sorority composite photo has always been a favorite of mine.  I think this photo is also why I used to dress up in a blonde wig at age 7, true story... 

Here's another shot of her and my uncle with the short blonde hair.  The day dress is so "Jackie O".

And another dress I found on Modcloth that could easily recreate this look.

Red All About It Dress - ModCloth $89.99

and the belt.. .

See by Chloé Elasticated waist belt  - TheOutnet $47.25

Do you love looking at old photos of your parents?  Did they follow the trends of the eras they lived through??... my mom later moved into the "hippie" movement, grew her hair back out and bought a VW Bus...tehehe

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Wishlist Wednesday] Sephora F&F

Word on the street is that Sephora Friends and Family is kicking off on Friday... maybe even tomorrow (?)  Without an official confirmation, I've still taken to creating my wishlist.

I already ordered Bliss Fabulously Foaming Cleanser and two sensitive Clarisonic Brushheads last week from for 20% Off and 8% cash back thru Ebates.  Unlike Sephora, they regularly offer 20% Off codes and 8% cash back thru Ebates.  If you can't go crazy all at one time Sephora, maybe just make the make up or "Sephora" specific purchases and hold off on the skincare you can get elsewhere for less later...

Here's what's patiently waiting in my shopping cart for 20% Off....

Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - currently sold out online :(

(pricey, but this is the only eye cream that hasn't burned my eyes)

I'm also in need of a new eyeshadow or eyeshadow set.  Sadly the Urban Decay Naked Palette that was insanely popular has sold out.  I'm looking for either two individual or a 4 set of colors that are natural and flattering for my blue eyes (fairish skin and brown hair).  Any suggestions on brands and colors??


Don't have Ebates??  Sign up HERE!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Sale] Mine!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Anthro Sale Wishlist

I'm still sticking to my "Strict List", but depending if there are any decent cuts on these other items, I may just have to try them out as well...

(please freaking go on sale already!!)

(please also go on sale, I'm sick of writing about you... oh, and get to the $29.95 price, because I want you, but you really aren't that special, mmkay?)

Pick a Bunch Cardi $128
(Dear Anthro, This sweater is NOT selling well.  Want to know why?  Because it's priced $128 and its a Viscose (aka Rayon), Nylon, Cotton Blend!... Mark it down and I promise I will buy it.  <3 E)
(I doubt this has been around long enough to get the markdown, but you never know.  I def need to try it on, but it just looks so lovely on Kim.... however, can't justify the price unless it hits under the $100 mark...)

Bianka Blouse in Green Motif $68
(Remember how I missed out on this blouse in black and then thought the blue motif washed me out?  I think the green motif is the perfect answer - plus I was just saying how I wanted more green in my closet....)

I know the Bianka Blouse won't hit the sale rack, but am I asking too much for the other items (maybe the sweatercoat, but not the rest).  I'd love to get these items off my wishlist and into my closet so I can move on with my item stalking life....

andplusalso, it seems I missed the boat on the Tory Burch Eddies I've been "wishlisting" forever and day too long... I'm hoping my size will come back in stock, but looks like I may need to go on a new tan flat hunt... or see if there is a way to give new life to my Coach Ashleen Flats...  so in the meantime, that budgeted expense is getting the boot... literally.  I want more boots!

Thoughts on on these?

Does anyone have these?  The shaft circumference for both are listed all over the map on different sites making it hard to guess if they will be too big or not...

Whats on your Anthro Sale Wishlist for tomorrow??