Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[Wishlist Wednesday] The Strict List

First things first, dear readers.  I went to the mall last night to pick up something to wear this weekend.  I just can't get over my aversion to Forever 21... so after wasting some time in there, I headed to Express.  They are having a big clearance sale and everything is an extra 20% off the current mark down price. 

So going through the racks, I found tons of ruffled and floral mini's and finally saw one lone purple ruffled mini for $9.99!  It wasn't my size so I found one that was in the regular section and when I took both to the register, the sales assistant told me the purple one was marked down by mistake, but she gave me price anyway since they mismarked it. 

So for $7.99, this little thang came home with me...

Mini Ruffle Tiered Skirt – Express $34.50 (real price)

I still picked up the metallic belted shorts.  So whichever ones I don't wear, will go back.  I still really love the shorts... they are enough sparkle to be dressy and the 2 1/2" inseam is definitely short enough to show off my (little) gams....

The sequin mini just isn't me.  I feel like I'm trying to be Snooki and I'm just not ok not being myself at the ripe ol' age of 27.  I spent years in college trying to 'fit in'... I'm over it.  My personal style is far from "glam", but I'm confident I make whatever I decide to wear work.

Ok, now moving on to this week's wishlist.  This "Strictlist" is my guide to the ONLY things I'm allowing myself to purchase next month.  I satisfied a lot of spots on my wishlist this month, from the Oxer Jacket to new Hudsons, and finally replacing my dying black flats with some classic Tory Burch Revas (buy them now for 20% OFF at Bloomingdale's Friends and Family sale, coupon code FALLFRIEND).

So now it's time for the dreaded shopping ban.  I am allowing myself to purchase makeup and skincare when Sephora's Friends and Family starts - which I'm still not sure of the start date, but last year it was October 20th.  Other than that, these are the only items.... and ONLY if they are on SALE!!!
Breezy Polkas Cardigan - Anthropologie $98

Insouciant Tank - Anthropologie $58

Pick a Bunch Cardigan - Anthropologie $128

And I know these won't go on sale, but if I don't buy anything else, then these are my treat.

Patent Eddie Flat - Tory Burch $178

Ugh I hate shopping bans.... but it's necessary. I need to work with what I got for a few weeks.

Do you ever instate shopping bans?? 


  1. Oh love that ruffle skirt! I think the shorts are darling and since they have a little sparkle, they might totally work for a more dressed up look like you said.
    I have the same feelings about Forever 21, I have found a couple of things, but I always get so overwhelmed there. I rather shop at H&M, it's a little easier to go around the store and find things. Of course, it's always busy but I have found great things there. I just found a ruffle leopard skirt that was super darling.
    No shopping bans for me, I always try to be really careful on how I spent money on things I want. I set a budget and stick to that pretty much every month.

  2. Ahh I always forget about H&M bc it's in the other mall (my mall is two buildings), but yes, F21 is overwhelming and everything just looks like dirty laundry on the racks, not nice shiny new clothing...

    I'm normally really good about sticking to my wishlists, actually this september I was too good haha... just too many bigger ticket items at once - the coat, the jeans, the flats (plus other purchases)... need to cool it.

  3. Great strictlist :-) Loving those flats- and hell, I don't even like flats!

  4. Can't wait for Sephora F+F! I've already got my list planned out, I just hope I don't slip and buy a few things before then!

  5. I love your idea of a strictlist! I am so stealing this concept. I have been going nuts shopping lately and am definitely ready to reign it in some.
    I have already started my Sephora F&F wish list, great Capricorn minds :)

  6. Jenny - lol, thanks!

    Sara - I need to write a actual list.. soo many things - clarisonic brushes, shampoo, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, brushes.. ahhh the list goes on

    Andi - yeah, I guess it's not a total "ban" as mauch as it is "stop trying to get everything you want all once".... haha


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