Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[Wishlist] Anthro Labor Day Sale Suspects

This week Anthropologie veered off their regularly scheduled Tuesday Markdowns for what's rumored to be a (potentially) large Labor Day Sale kicking off tomorrow.   Most believe this will be a bigger sale to finally clear out the remaining summer stock and some items that have been around for-ev-or.

....or we can only hope.

Especially since the Free Shipping for Summer promotion will be over after Labor Day.  ::tear::

Here are my wishlisted sale items that I'm hoping get a mark down this week (I also tried my best to note when they were originally released)....

(I bought this last week for some retail therapy, I'd love to get a price adjustment)

I'm still unsure which color is my favorite.... Navy and Grey seem most versatile but I love the Yellow and Turquoise...
Released circa May 2010

Sometimes I totally skip over Anthro's jewelry and accessories section.  I saw a girl wearing this at a friend's bridal shower in June. Immediately, I knew it was from Anthropologie. I came home and confirmed my (kind of pathetic) suspicions and without hesitation added it to my own wishlist.
Released circa December 2009

Another item that has finally reached MUST HAVE status for me...
Originally Debuted circa March 2010

The colors are stunning and some my favorites to wear (shades of blue, white, and navy) and while I'm not really a dress girl, at the right price I'd save this for inevitable event, possibly a baby or bridal shower, I'll have to attend this or next year...

.. but if not, I can always tuck my Liquid Bouquet Tank into a A-Line skirt (since the top portion is eerily similar)
Released circa May 2010

I've been on a yellow kick for a few months, but only adding the Flowering Pastures Blouse permanently to my closet. I think this tone of yellowish gold will go with way more than I could imagine making it totally worthy of picking up once marked down.
Released circa May 2010

Released circa April 2010
(perfect to pair with skinnies and flats for running errands on a cool fall day)

And last, but not least... can we please have a second cut on the Impressionist's Dream dress??? Am I being greedy??

I know the dress didn't fit me the way I had hoped, but if this sucker we're to get another cut, I'd have less issues with paying for some alterations.  I still love the colors, the silk, and watercolor brush stroked graphic at the bottom. 
Released circa April 2010
I know it's no longer available online, but I believe it still is in stores

Anything you readers are hoping hits the sale rack this week??


  1. I love that cardi w/ the polka dot detail. There are a couple of other things I've been eyeballing...maybe I'll get lucky w/ the sale.

  2. I'm holding out for the flowering pastures blouse in the blue, crossing my fingers!

  3. I'm hoping that the High Tide Tee goes on sale because I bought it last week. I also pray that the Rushing Ruffles Dress goes on sale, but it seems it never will!
    I'll have a report from my store later this evening!

  4. Amber - I'm not sure what's going on with the Flowering Pasture blouse... they just release another version (the 3rd, but 4th color) within the last month. I hope the top isn't one that just never sees a sale...

    Kim - did you have a change of heart with the High Tide Tee??

    I'm anxiously waiting your report... maybe I'll try to stay up late for it. With so many items potentially reaching their full price expiration date and the freaking Oxer Jacket I love so much, I need to do some major prioritizing....

  5. Do their sales usually start at midnight?

  6. We must have similar taste! I am in total agreement that the Breezy Polkas and Doubly Dapper dress need to hit the sale rack immediately. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a second cut on the Impressionist's Dream. I saw 3 of them in a store last week, all in my size. Must be a sign! I'm also hoping for the Seaside Fields dress to hit sale...but i'll be in big trouble if ALL of these things make it there...What to pick, what to pick?

    Jamie at

  7. Dear Santa, Please put the Graces Tank on sale... (haha, I might buy it in two colors if it does!)

  8. Can't wait to see what you get! Pretty picks :)

  9. I found out from CS that the Graces Tank is on sale :) It will definitely be coming home with me tomorrow!

  10. MrsG- the website normally updates around 3am EST (by noting markdowns on regular pages) and then around 8 or 9am things are moved to the sale section...

    Jamie - sounds like I'd love your closet :)

    Kathryn - It is! See Sara's note below :)

    Andi - ohh i'm so confused on what to grab first

    Sara - I just saw your post on EA! So excited, thanks for the head's up :)

    and Amber, its confirmed that the yellow and blue flowering pasture blouse will be marked down :)

  11. i am in love with the cardigans! especially the black one with the bow:D



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