Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Window Shopping] Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas

Hey Readers, once again my bout of indecisiveness has me running to you for some input.

This upcoming weekend will include the time honored tradition of bacheloretting through NYC's swankiest clubs and, hello, what is a Cardigan Queen to wear?

I've checked the weather and decided I'm going to avoid pumps.  One because traipsing around the streets of NYC will probably leave my tootsies aching, not too mention probably ruining my new cute grey suede pumps... so my black Ash Ono boots it is.

Now, because I'm sure most of the other girls are wearing dresses, I want to fit in while still...
  • being comfortable
  • dressing like myself (not someone else I'm trying to be)
  • not spending a lot of moola because hey NYC ain't cheap and I could save a few pesos...
I initially thought maybe I'd grab a little skirt like one of these, and pair it with my boots, some black tights (if cool enough), and maybe my black top with lace sleeves, or my black lace tank over a blush cami....

Pins and Needles Circle Skirt – Urban Outfitters $58

Cooperative Printed Skirt – Urban Outfitters $38

Silence & Noise Cutout Ballerina Skirt – Urban Outfitters $78

Sequin Mini Skirt – Express $39.90

Rosy Lace Skirt – Forever 21 $17.80

Twelve By Twelve Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt – Forever 21 $29

Tiered Knit Skirt – Forever 21 $12.50

Then, this morning while perusing through my October Instyle Magazine... it hit me..

Tweed Shorts!

...I could release my inner Carrie Bradshaw and wear something totally on trend without being a clone of every one else! 

I first was drawn to this during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog....

While something about it is "Clarissa Explains It All" meets "Clueless" for me... it's something I'd totally wear if I had a place to wear it - because let's face it, tweed shorts with tights and boots is not really a "work wear" or "weekend grocery shopping" look....

2 1/2" Belted Tweed Shorts – Express $54.90

Wool Blend Shorts – Forever 21 $17.80

Hay Ride Shorts – Anthropologie $88

 So what do you think readers?  Skirt or Shorts??


  1. I love all the short skirts! ;-)

  2. I got those wool blend shorts from F21 - I am envisioning wearing those this fall too with booties and tights. I think the shorts is a great trend for fall but don't know if the tweed/wool reads too "daytime?" I think if it was a sequin short or something silkier it may be more appropriate for a party.

  3. I would definitely wear a skirt over shorts for the occasion. The sequin mini is a show stopper & bp's are a good excuse to wearing outside of your norm, plus your husband will be thinking "you sure you HAVE to go?!" ;-). & I was just browsing for tweed shorts this morning and fell in love with the ones from Express- definitely going to purchase them!

  4. I would go w/ one of the skirts for the bach party but buy the Tweed shorts from Express anyway. It is adorable!

  5. honestly, if you're planning on doing boots instead of pumps, i might avoid shorts because they might seem too casual a look. the shorts thing works best when you're wearing pumps with them unless your doing a daytime occasion. but i heart the express shorts anyway. :)

  6. Mary Ann - Thanks!

    Lisa - Thanks for your input... the sequin skirt is cute, but I wonder if its too far out of my comfort zone?

    Ashley - haha, I love your logic :)

    Julie - I think those shorts are soo cute too!

    Justine - good point about the boots, maybe I'll just wear black or my nude pumps, hmmm too many decisions to make. I'll guess I'll see what "speaks" to me at the mall :)

  7. I think I agree about the shorts and the boots. I think the shorts would be perfect for NYC, but you need some pumps.
    I think the sequin skirt would be perfect, I think Forever 21 has another version. See link at the bottom. I also like the very first skirt, it seems like it is very versatile.

  8. I love all of those short skirts! They would look adorable with tights if need be. Though those tweed shorts are super cute as well, but maybe not the best thing to wear for a bachelorette party. Either way I know you'll make the right choice for you :)

  9. I will be the one to disagree...:) I like the shorts better(express or f21) and think they would look great with the boots and tights. I love this look and it is something different! I think a velvet blazer (like the dark plum from crewlet)and a silk cami, and of course some great faux jewels would complete the outfit! Have fun, you'll look great in whatever you choose!

  10. I love, love the shorts with tights and heels look! So sexy and fresh.
    But a skirt would be so pretty too. I saw those shorts in Instyle and imo, they're a bit too long. You should go with some that are a bit shorter if you decide to do shorts.
    How fun, can't wait to live vicariously :)

  11. Hmm. Tweed shorts with tights and boots would be cute for a day of shopping and lunch in NYC. Tweed seems a little daytime. I love the look of leather trouser shorts, but that is $$$$. For bachelorette party night you should do it up! Maybe you would feel more comfortable in a matte sequin skirt. I went that route because regular sequin seemed to shimmery. I think you can easily bring a sequin skirt down a notch with a white tee or even a denim shirt. I'm just babbling and brain storming. Keep the outfit ideas coming.

  12. Rosa - Thanks for the link!

    Natalia - I'd def "dress up" the shorts if I get them, but I think I'll still check out the skirts

    Jenny - I think you're more on my wave length... haha

    Andi - I'd def go with shorter shorts.... with my midget stumps I can't really wear shorts with inseam's > than 3" (they totally shrink me!)... plus I think they are bit dressier... I def think the mid thigh ones are more casual like peeps are saying...

    Janice - ohh a matte sequin skirt... where does one find this??? (and I love the outfit ideas... def more my style as i'm not really into "club" wear... and it is NYC, anything goes!)

  13. Love LOVE the sequins skirt. And u inspired me to break out shorts w tights for work this am.

  14. If we lived close I'd totally let you borrow my matte sequin skirt. The one I have is by the Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls. Not available any more, but if you are randomly at a Kohls check the sale section.

    Here's one from F21 that doesn't seem as shimmery as the Express skirt.

    Spangle Party Skirt

    You can call your nearest store and give them the style number and they can look it up to see if they have it or any other store nearby. They even go an look for it, they don't look very hard, but they'll do it. This way you can check it out in person.

  15. Janice - I saw that one there on my lunch break. I didnt try any on bc I wasn't feeling well, but I'll go back tomorrow. I also like the "chantilly lace" ones (that are on the website)... they looked a bit better in person than they did online... maybe look terrible on though.

  16. If you want something fun in terms of the shorts, how about those sequin shorts that JCrew has? I saw them on sale on Saturday. I could not find the link, but I think I saw them for $59.99.

    And Charlotte Russe has a version too from what I remember.

  17. Great call Rosa! I'll definitely check those out (I'm much prefer shorts to skirts, but thats obvious)

  18. Here's the link to the Charlotte Russe shorts:

    The JCrew ones were not as sparkly, but it would be a fun idea specially in NYC.


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