Monday, September 13, 2010

[Reader Request] Leggings?

Recently, reader Andrea asked me to give some of my suggestions to what she should pair with leggings.  She's a SAHM who's looking to be stylish, yet practical and is sick of her Mom-in-Sweats routine.

I'm really excited to put this post together, you see I'm a bit a leggings-phobe and I think doing this might help me more than Andrea!

I have two rules when it comes to leggings, and most women in the know will agree, so if this is news to you - take note!

  1. Tights DO NOT EQUAL Leggings.   If the "leggings" become sheer when worn, then please keep them to only be worn with skirts and dresses.  Tights are great, but they do not double as pants!
  2. Please only wear leggings with tops that cover your ladybits...  Unless you are running a marathon or are in a yoga class is it appropriate for your spanx'd ass to be revealed.  
So, with those sentiments in mind, here's some different styled options that hopefully Andrea can use as inspiration. 

**I also tried to keep all the items <$100 each**

First up, the most popular choice, Tunics!

Tunics are great because, like dresses, there isn't too much thought required.  Pick a cute one, throw it over some leggings (or skinny jeans) and done. You have yourself a cute outfit, no styling-induced-migraine required!

Also, tunics are simple to dress up or down.  Meeting a girlfriend for lunch, throw on some boots.  Running to the park and grocery store with your little one, cute flats or even sneakers work just as well.   Definitely a no-nonsense look that looks great without ever trying too hard.

Reader Request: Leggings 1

Next is a big trend for this Fall season, Chunky Knit Sweaters...

Sure, this could go totally 80s or 90s if you add in some fluorescent scrunch socks and a side pony tail, or it could be totally comfychic.  To me, this is an ideal outfit for rainy day or watching the kids play youth soccer on a cool Saturday morning, erm.. well, someone else's kids... since you know, puppies don't play soccer... ;)

Just note again, make sure the sweater hits you at the low hip in the front.  And if it doesn't, wear a layering cami or tank underneath that does...
Reader Request: Leggings 2


Moving on to another sweater... the sweater dress.

Now, sweater dresses can be dressed up or dressed down mainly based on the footwear you pair with them and other accessories worn. 
Date night?  Go for heels. 
Afternoon shopping or seeing a movie? Wear a cute pair of boots. 
Hosting a brunch or a kiddo's birthday party at the roller rink (do kid's still do that?... I was ALL about the rollerskating parties as a kid)? How about a cute pair of comfortable flats
Once again, completely effortless.
Reader Request: Leggings 3

If you want something a lighter than a sweater or something easily layered, try a silk blouse.
Silk blouses are returning to the women's wardrobe BIG this season.  I think I've seen the same utility style blouse at least at 5 different retailers in the last month alone.  Again, this is great for layering and of course, super on trend.

Reader Request: Leggings 4

Lastly, my personal go to top for leggings - Boyfriend Cardigans

Easy Peasy.  ... open. closed. goes with anything. Enough Said.
Please leave your favorite type of tops to wear with leggings in the comments!


  1. Great post! Leggings are awesome! I love the tunic and leggings look, but always stay away from it. lol. I feel like with my upper body being bigger than my lower- all that leggings (black especially) do is make my top half look bigger and my bottom half even thinner.

  2. I'm a legging phobe too and agree with your statements. Leggings are not equal to pants!!!
    I love all of the options you have above and I might try it out this fall, the problems I have are: I don't have any tunics, long sweaters, boyfriend sweaters or sweater dresses. Guess it's time for some shopping, lol.

  3. Thanks girl!! This helps me out a ton!

  4. Great post! I also am a leggings-phobe, although my recent venture into jeggings might have me convinced into crossing the line finally this winter. We'll see, we'll see...

  5. Jenny - how about wearing the leggings with boots? I sometimes feel similar bc I have skinny calves and muscular thighs... I find boots help my proportions. (or least whatever is going on in my head when looking in the mirror)

    fshnonmymind - oh darn, time to go shopping.. tehehe :)

    Andrea - Thank you! I think you inspired me to actually wear my leggings more often :)

    Chloe - See, I still need to try the jeggings - as usual you're a step ahead... ::writes down on wishlist::

  6. Great post! I do wear leggings, but I always wear long tunics or short dresses or super long tops. I discovered jeggings earlier this year and I wear them the same way I do with leggings. I do wear boots when it cold and I think they look great.

  7. Woo hoo.. reader requests! I have another one for you. I really like the look of leggings/skinny jeans with boots but I don't have what you call skinny calves. Have you heard of any good recs for on boots for ladies with this problem??
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Great choices! I love your advice and your picks.


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