Monday, September 20, 2010

[OOTD] ... or Yesterday (Reader Results)

Thank you all so much for commenting on my post Friday.   My favorite part of blogging is being able to "talk" or interact with all of you who actually take the time to see whatever I'm babbling about.

At one point Sunday morning, before even more opinions were given, I had tallied up what you guys thought.   Since some of the comments were general like "I love the dress, but the last out is cute too!" I counted a point for both the dress and the closet made outfit.  I separately counted comments regarding whether to keep or return the dress.
Doubly Dapper Dress - 11
Shop my Closet (w/ grey belt) - 3
Shop my Closet (w/ brown belt) -11

Return the Dress - 9
Keep the Dress - 14
It was actually a tie (at the time I tallied the votes) for the Dress and the Skirt.... I ended up wearing...

:::drumroll please:::

J.Crew Silk Frances Top (here)
Nordstrom Hinge Skirt
Banana Republic Sonya Huarache Wedges
Anthro Snakebite Belt (now with stripes here)
RitzyMisfit Plum Initial Necklace (here)
J.Crew Skinny Headband (in light yellow/tan)
So while I love all your feedback, I'd say it only played about 75% in my final decision.

Honestly, when I was taking the pictures for Friday's post I knew I was going to wear the Hinge Skirt and J.Crew top.  I was just my favorite look out of the 3 options, but I wasn't sure about the belt so you guys totally helped me pick that out (thanks!!)

On Saturday morning, when I checked our mail, my Tucker for Target purchases had arrived.  Sadly, I didn't love either item.  I know my Liberty of London for Target doesn't get too much attention, so I didn't want to keep these pieces just because it was the little bit of Tucker I wanted for my closet.  I think I'll just continue waiting for the right sale on a piece I truly love. 

(I wasn't a fan of the material of the Diamond Print Blouse - a little too polyester-ish and while I liked the silkier feeling of the Butterfly Cami, the fit was all wrong.  It was just too boxy that even when belted there was extra fabric with no place to go.)

So they are both going back, which makes holding onto my Doubly Dapper Dress less painful for this month.   I was thinking about when I would have the chance to wear this dress and in addition to the bridal shower and two baby showers I know I have for 2011, I realized there will be a few Christenings and possibly a few Engagement Parties too in the near future.   Since Anthro has an AMAZING return policy, I think I'll hold on the dress for a bit and if I change my mind later, then I'll just make my return.

I've been trying hard this year to buy items that I love.  I love the color and most definitely the fit of this dress, so that's why it's worth holding on to for now.... opposed to two cheaply made Target items, just because they were designed by a designer I'm fond of.

Happy Monday Readers!


  1. Cute outfit--you look great! I'd say the dress is way worth keeping and returning the Tucker for Target stuff. This is my least fave collaboration for the Target designers. I'll be sitting this one out.

  2. Love what you chose!
    These poll posts are really fun :)
    Oh, I'm sitting out Tucker for Target as well.

  3. I think that outfit was perfect for the occasion!
    I am happy you were able to keep the dress and you are right, if you find something better, you can always return it because Anthro has the best return policy ever.

  4. I love your outfit decision - you look so pretty and chic!

  5. Mere - thanks!.. and I love the tucker prints, but I think part of the nice thing about Tucker is that the design is so simple and what makes it luxurious is the silk normally used... making a basic blouse flowly, light, feminine, etc... the polyester just kills that...

    Andi - Thanks Andi! and I only do polls because I'm the most indecisive person on the planet :) expect a "what should I eat for dinner" poll in the future haha...

    Rosa - Glad you agree... If another dress knocks my socks off I'll gladly swap, but I feel like returning now might cause future regret... mainly bc the dress is just so flattering (I know when to hold them) :)

    Lisa - Thanks! What can I say, I get tons of inspirash from other bloggers like yourself!

  6. I think you made the right choice. haha... love that outfit!


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