Monday, September 13, 2010

[OOTD] Flashing. Lights. - Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Readers!... Anyone else less thrilled than I am to be back at work??  After the 3 day Labor Day Weekend, a 3 day work week, and another 3 day weekend.... the thought of 5 straight days makes me want to vom....

But work is good... earn my money to shop, well, pay bills then shop.  And keeps me from aimlessly roaming the mall on the daily, except that I find myself doing that on my lunch break more and more, now that I discovered Starbucks Greek Yogurt parfait.  DELISH!

I used to be obsessed with Nordstrom Cafe's parfaits, but the greek yogs and mmm! (and totally a much more reasonable sized portion... I mean who really needs 16 oz of yogurt in one serving?? blech!)

Anyway, I had off last Friday to help a friend of mine at her family's charity golf outing.  It was a very long day.  I had to be there (45 mins from my house) at 6:30am and the golfers finished up close to dark.  After that I got changed and headed over to the award reception.

The husband met me there, and thank goodness too since I had been standing all day, changing into my Maritza Suede Pumps was a pretty dumb idea.  So I sat nicely at our table resting my feet and thawing out while the husband of the month continued to run back and forth to the buffet of epic proportions getting me a little of anything and everything - I was hungry, yo!  While it was a gorgeous day for the golfers, standing outside in the shade where temps never got out of the 60s left me rather cold and ridged from shivering for a good 12 hours straight.

I wore an outfit (to the reception) inspired by a previous set I made on polyvore.  This was my first time wearing my Graces Tank and since I don't have the Breezy Polkas Cardigan yet, I wore my navy Blooming Lattice Cardigan to get the same effect.

My Favorite Colors

Graces Tank in Lilac - Anthropologie (here)
Blooming Lattice Cardigan in Navy - Anthropologie
JBrand The Deal Skinnies - TJ Maxx (here)
Maritza Pumps in Smoke - Banana Republic (here)
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini (not shown)

The rest of the weekend included multiple naps and errand running.

True story, when I was little tyke, I thought my mom was running "erinns".  Egotistical even at a young age, now I just post pictures of my outfits on the internet.   Some things never change.

I forgot to turn off the flash when taking this pic this morning...   I'm sooo happy I got this sweater, it's soft and cozy and fits just right.  The color isn't harsh or overly bright at all in person, just a soft golden yellow.

I have a feeling it's going to be in heavy rotation.
Silk Frances Cami in Ivory - J.Crew (here)
Whirl & Wind Cardigan - Anthropologie (here)
JBrand The Deal Skinnies - TJ Maxx (here)
Coach Payton Flats - DSW (ancient, and in need replacement... maybe these?)
Nails - Essie Very Cranberry (here)

I need to catch up on the VMAs (only caught parts due to football) and yay, Gossip Girl is back tonight!! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Love that color cardigan on you, and your outfit this weekend was adorable!!

  2. Ha so funny "erinn's", I just love that!

  3. The cardi was a great choice. I love it! I totally missed the fact that Gossip girl is back tonight!

  4. DUDE. When I was little, I was convinced my mom was running "Erins" (one n here) and called it that because it's my middle name. I tell people this and they think I'm crazy.


  5. Thanks J and Amber!

    Rosa - did you watch?? I enjoyed it while watching, looking back, nothing significant happened, but I guess they are just setting up the season. I loved the last 2minute thing with Chuck!!

    LEO - hysterical that you thought that too... I'm pretty sure I still pronounce it as "I'm running Erinn's" not "errands"...

  6. Yes I watched it! I saw someone on twitter saying that the Chuck portion looked a bit like The Bourne Identity, which it did, but I loved it. I did not like the name he picked though, Henry? And my favorite part was the fountain scene with Serena and Blair, loved it!

  7. I can the bourne reference... but I thought it was more Chuck trying to lose his past than the Bourne non-remembering thing (hence why he dropped the ring, to hide the CB)...

    I want to know what Georgina is up to, love her... and i thought the Blair/Serena prince thing was a bit tired... boohoo Serena get everything... get over it Blair... (love her though)

  8. Great outfits as always E! Are you wearing your grey suede pumps a lot? I bought some too, but haven't worn them yet.

  9. I wore them for the first time on friday night... and again today. I feel like because they are suede, I need cooler weather. I'll probably wear them more through the winter...

  10. Super cute outfits! I love gray paired with almost anything! Love it with the navy!

    BTW, do you actually have that Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag? I recently bought one off an auction site in the same exact gray you have shown but it hasn't arrived yet. If you have it, do you like it?

  11. Hi Nicole! I do have the bag (shown in this link I always forget to grab my bag for the OOTD pics... I love it, I'm finally going to switch to my MbMJ tomorrow, but I might still keep this one in rotation for the winter, which isn't like me at all. I normally carry the same one non-stop for months.


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