Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Inspired By] In the Navy - Part 1

Recently, I've been rather impressed with how well I've been on top of some trends.... not necessarily in wearing them myself, but knowing of their existence.   I think I used to be more of a "clothing consumer", rather than a "fashion follower".   Meaning, I would "follow" trends when they were finally being sold by every major retailer after they were long gone from the runways.  Sort of like the "Cerulean" bit in The Devil Wears Prada. 

Like I said, I'm still FAR from a fashion forward trendsetter, but that's mainly because I prefer to be more practical in my purchases and personal style.  However, it's been fun to actually pay attention to the ads and spreads in my fashion magazines and taking note of what celebrities are wearing before anyone else.

Last winter, when I picked up my beloved Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Stormy Grey, I had also posted a variety of other grey bags.  Turns out, as I was watching my daily dose of E! News last evening, the TrendE! segment listed grey bags as MUST HAVE for this Fall.... was I ahead of the curve? is this now going mainstream? or was I just into something while it really wasn't a big deal and now coincidentally is?... not really sure, but I'd like to go on record with picking out a potential new trend-to-be.

If you watched the Emmy's Red Carpet, you noticed one color in particular was flooding the carpet in a sea of .... NAVY (yes, I'm sorry, I love a good pun... I couldn't resist!).

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

Jayma Mays in Burberry Prorsum

Julie Bowen in J.Mendel

Jane Krakowski in Escada

Padma Lakshmi in Carolina Herrera

Julianna Margulies in L'Wren Scott

I know the "of the moment" looks right now include anything and everything military -especially anything in army green and lace up boots  (combat or bootie), the color camel, suedes/velvets/and texture, and more feminine touches like lace and the return of the full or circle skirt -thanks Mad Men!  

After watching the Emmy's, I'm going to guess that Navy will rear its pretty and versatile head at this upcoming NY Fashion Week (kicking off this Friday)... but only time will tell if I'm wrong.  Maybe it won't be in abundance this Fall/Winter, but a future Spring/Summer color?

What do you readers think?  Have you seen a ton of navy in ads or on the runways?  Do you like to guess what new trends will be big?  Any new trend predictions you want to share??

Stay tuned for In the Navy Part 2 :)


  1. I love navy and military inspired wear, so I'm pretty excited to see what's going to go on during Fashion Week. Navy is just a classic color that is flattering on so many people.

    I can't wait to see Navy Pt 2!

  2. I love navy, maybe I have a little too much in my closet.
    For me the military green jacket is a must this season as well as the motorcycle boots. Not so sure about the over the knees boots for me since I am short, but I might have to try them just so see how they look.

  3. Oh I forgot, animal prints! I cannot wait to wear my pair of leopard flats!

  4. I'd like to say that the only reason I know about upcoming fall trends is because of last week's episode of Project Runway! haha! but I do love that navy is going to hit it big!

  5. Tien - I totally agree, navy looks good on any skin tone, any hair color, and fits well with any style...

    Rosa - I have a ton of navy too... not as much as grey haha, but still quite a bit. I just got my Oxer Jacket today (so CHECK for the green military jacket) ;) I think my MizMooz boots are half riding and half motocycle so there's another... I'm with ya on the OTK boots though, just too short to pull it off.

    I'm not a big animal print person, but I do regret not getting the vintage zebra stripe merino cardi at JCrew last winter :(

    I know camel is supposed to be BIG too... maybe I'll get camel colored cords and get two trends at once???

  6. Haha Mandee.. it's funny because when they said lace I was like "lace was a spring trend, Tim Gunn!"... just another carry over I guess, but I'm ok with it since everything is soo men's inspired and tough :)


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