Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Inspired By] Fall!

Recently I've had the cases of the blahs... like real life am actually a bit sick blahs, but I'm starting to feel better and have noticed that the blahs have transferred to our "great" room area. 

You may remember months ago we started to stripe the living room, but taping 23' rows just was NOT working out for our OCD, so we painted the wall one solid color.  The problem was, the color we used would have been great for our subtle striping accent, but kind of dull for a full wall.  In most certain light, you can't even tell there is a difference between the wall and the rest of the room.

Now that we are finally getting some free weekends, I thought I'd post some some 'cozy' and 'homey' rooms to inspire me (and maybe you too) to start giving our great room it's much needed makeover.

... and clearly, we are sticking with the warm brown and taupe theme....

**all photos courtesy

Happy Almost Weekend Readers!


  1. Nice inspiration photos! I really like the 4th from the bottom, so calming

  2. I love the look in picture number 7. Love it!

  3. I love taupe! It's my favorite neutral color :)


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