Thursday, September 2, 2010

[Fitting Room Reviews] and Anthro Sale Sit Out

Turns out I'm a terrible guesser at the Anthro Sale Game.... Only the Graces Tank (which I bought last week) got a mark down and nothing on my sale-centric wishlist got a price cut.   Oh well, at least I got a price adjustment...

... which made pulling the trigger on Oxer Jacket (and Whirl & Wind Cardigan too, oops!) that much easier.

I'm still not sure if I made the right decision grabbing the gold Whirl & Wind at full price over the Breezy Polkas I've grown quite affectionate for.  Saving $10 was nice, but let's face it... it's $10 bucks.   My big factors were 1) that I have minimal yellow items and zero yellow cardigans, while I already own two navy ones and 2) that it just looked so stinkin' cute on Sara over at You, Me, & Anthropologie

(it probably doesn't hurt that she's adorable and that her wardrobe would make Emma Pillsbury envious)

I had also noticed that stock was getting low on this sweater by Sparrow, so I thought why not grab it now while I can still get free shipping and it's (hopefully) brand new from the warehouse, instead of waiting until it sells out then having to call around different stores only for them to send me one that's been tried on by who knows how many people.

Sidenote:  Am I a total germaphobe for loving the free shipping promotion?  I'd so much rather order a item online then purchase one that potentially has been stretched, pulled, and have rubbed off make up on it from the store's racks.  Just me?

That is actually THE ONLY reason I grabbed the Oxer Jacket in my order even though I know there currently are plenty of my size in store.  There are only 4 more days of Free Shipping, so I figured even if it is 96 degrees outside and the last thing I need is wool jacket... I was getting one that was freshly sealed from the warehouse :)

I ran over at lunch basically just to browse, since I'm going to try to cut myself off from any more full priced items for September (and rarely do I ever buy anything at full price!)... I grabbed a black Whirl & Wind just too see how it fit and couple other items to try on.

Everyone has been loving Odille's black Bianka Blouse (so much so, it sold out and now is on back order until October)... I'm a fan, but felt a bit limited in ways to wear it (after experienced some blouse styling issues with my beloved Flowering Pastures - which I actually have on now!).  I was excited to see the blue motif version in my store because I thought based on the online image, it may be more flattering to my skin tone than the black.

Overall, was a bit let down.  I tried my usual size 0 and didn't have any issue with the fit, although if you want it to be less blousey and more fitted I would suggest going down a size.  It was the colors - dusty pink and an a blue/lavender-ish grey... I felt the print was kinda bland on me and maybe the contrast of the black motif would be a better choice.  What do you readers think?

Like I already said, I grabbed a Whirl & Wind Cardi in black.  I was interested in the weight of this sweater (which I would compare to the Clinging Blossoms Cardigan - very soft and light).  It doesn't seem as light weight as the uber thin Deco Page cardigan and it also seems like it will bounce back into shape easily after wear, something I wish J.Crew Jackies would do....

(Hey Anthro... clean your mirrors...)

I like the green stitching on the black, but overall, I would not pick up this color.  I'm excited for the gold to arrive.

Lastly I grabbed a the Loose Lines Cardigan, also by Sparrow.  It comes in Navy and Gold.  I saw the gold first and thought maybe I should have gotten this to fill me newly created yellow sweater quota, but grabbed navy to try on instead. 

As soon as I spied this sweater I thought of how I wouldn't doubt seeing someone wear it on Glee or How I Met Your Mother (two shows heavily wardrobed by our favorite retailer)- something about it just makes me feel like its 'the new' Blooming Lattice Cardigan (which was featured on both shows last Spring). And like the Blooming Lattice, it also has snap closures and ropey/crocheted details.

However,  once on, the sweater fails to impress.  I don't normally hate horizontal stripes even though the "rules" say I'm supposed to. This time, I listened to the rules.  Maybe I should have sized up from my usual XS, but I felt like the cardigan was pulling and the skinny stripes made my waist disappear.  The biased cut opening is awkward and made me feel like it wasn't doing my silhouette any favors (especially when unbuttoned).

The best thing about this cardi was the back.

Big pass for me, but I'm sure it's going to look adorable on whoever does buy it... whether it be Quinn Fabray, Emma Pillsbury, or Lily Aldrin.

How did everyone else make out with the sale???


  1. I am 100% with you on preferring items shipped from the warehouse. Despite the fact that I am a germaphobe, based on how busy my local Anthro is, I figure that items must've been tried on a bazillion times. That's why I'm not shocked when I see a loose button or thread -- the items are totally shopwown. So sad free shipping is ending.

    Also, I love my gold Whirl & Wind -- glad you snagged one, I think you'll love it :)

  2. I totally agree with you on getting things shipped from the warehouse. I like my items new sans any snags and damage from normal wear and tear (ie: other people trying the item on a bazillion times!).

  3. Thanks for including me in your post :) You will love the cardigan!

    I'm the same way about wanting to buy things online. I haven't gotten anything in store since back before the free shipping started. I always find things wrong with a lot of the clothes in the stores (makeup stains, holes, really dirty from being dropped on the floor, stretched out, etc). Plus, I'd rather have something that has never been tried on than something that has been tried on by 50 different women!

  4. Haha, so glad to know I'm not the only one abusing Free Shipping for fresh goods ;)

    Sara - I think about 10min after I asked you how the sweater, I pulled the trigger. I think I made the right decision and that I'll get more wear/outfits out of it as opposed the breezy ride/polkas...

  5. I am glad that you decided to get the Oxer jacket, it was really stunning on you. I know it is so hard to find a jacket that fits well specially when you are small (I am a shortie too, 5'3") so when a jacket fits, I grab it. It's interesting because I cannot wear petite sizes, my arms are too long, so I always have to go for the regular sizes but then I have problems with the shoulders.
    Anyhow, I also liked the fit of the Bianka Blouse, but the colors not so much.

  6. Thanks Rosa, I just squealed a lil' bit when the shipping confirmation came through this morning. I'm not normally a big jacket person, and not sure why other than the investment. I did however get two cute coats last year during Old Navy's 50% Off outerwear sale, so those plus this and my JCrew peacoat, I think I'm set.

    Funny about your problems with Petites... for years I shied away from petites bc normally my shoulders were too broad. But now that vanity sizing has taken over I seem to fit just fine...

  7. Hello! I'm a recent follower and love your blog!

    I have mixed feelings about ordering online versus picking something up in the store. It's certainly nice to know that you are the one and only person to ever try on an item. However, sometimes all the pretty ruffled details get crushed when the item is shipped, and it's difficult to get it to look 'right.' Perhaps it's time for me to invest in a clothing steamer?

    But you're absolutely right that you need to check items thoroughly before making an in-store purchas, especially at some of the high-traffic stores. But What makes me most nervous? Having an item that is sold out online sent to me from a store. I always worry that it could have snags, make-up stains, tears, etc...and I won't know until it comes. And I won't be able to find another, because the item will be completely sold out by that time. Luckily, this has never happened to me yet...

    Jamie at

  8. That jacket looks fabulous on you so I'm glad you got it! The yellow sweater is really cute. I wasn't super happy with anything on the sale. The graces tank looks funny on me (as does anything with ruffles on top)because I am a D cup. It is just too much!

    There are so many things I want that aren't on sale though... I am determined to wait until they all go on sale!


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