Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Wishlist] Monitoring Update

Recently, Anthro Lovers (and Bloggers) Kathryn and Carol, of In Pursuit of Pretty Things, have been talking about their wishlists and how they break them do into "Full Priced Lists" and "Sale Priced Lists" and it made me think of how I keep track of my own "Wishlists"...  It's quite a redundant process, but since so much of it happens right here on this blog, I thought I'd share my crazy train of thought....

Normally, I start my wishlists by 'window shopping' around the web.  Then, after there are enough items I find myself loving and continuing to stalk, I normally make a 'wishlist' post (that way I can't lose the links!)...

Simultaneously, my OCD kicks in, and I'll physically write my favorite items down in my trusty little notebook with their current pricing.  Then I try to rank their priority and if they are "sale only" wants.  Continuing with my OCD, I clip all the items to my Polyvore account and start making little 'Wishlist Sets' - like this...

July Wishlist

My wishlists are constantly changing and being edited due to buying items, items going out of stock (like the cute and cheap GAP jacket above), replacing extravagant wants (like Frye Boots) with a more affordable option (like Miz Mooz), or deciding a newer item has taken priority over something older that was never acquired (like a nude pump over more flats).

So I'll update the old original set to reflect the changes made....

Summer Acquisitions

Then sometimes some items are returned (aka the Sunday Supper Shirt), and a new set is created to show me what I actually have, so I don't add similar items to new lists in the future... this is an attempt to help me "shop my own closet".

Summer Stock Up

Then, the process starts over again.  I go through my recent 'window shopping' and 'fitting room review' posts to see what my favorite items were, and again a new list is born.

Fall Favorites

Afterwards, I go back to writing my list out with the prices and figuring which I want most and how I can swing different items through the months ahead (waiting for sales, holidays, etc). 

It's a little much, but it definitely helps me keep track of different items I may find and later forget about.  It's also nice to have a 'photographic' mental image to think of when out shopping, that way if I see something I new, I can compare to the other items I was already prioritizing to make a better decision before buying.

Do you have crazy methods to track the items you want?  Do you just buy on impulse?... share your crazy ways in the comments!


  1. Oh, this is a brilliant idea! I should do the same. My spending is haphazard and this is the perfect way for me to keep track of what I want, need, and will buy.

  2. Genius!
    I see the Tory Burch Eddie flats in you updated wishlist. I want them too!

  3. Wow, I never thought I'd inspire Tien... haha, I actually thought I might scare some readers off with how crazy/obsessive I am :) It definitely makes it easier for me to stay on track with spending and make sure I'm buying things I really want (for the most part) ;)

    Rosa - yes you do! i did a review on them a month ago after I tried them on (I couldn't buy yet bc I just bought my MbyMJ - or thats what I told myself to be a responsible adult) they are the comfiest flats ever! <3

  4. I remember your review and I think that's gonna be the next item I buy in my list. What color do you think you want to get? I am thinking about getting purple ones.

  5. I think I'm going for Royal Tan... my Coach Ashleen flats that I wear a lot (or all the time) are similar shade (kind of a camel, non-metallic gold, yellowy tan) and I need a replacement, they just go with everything and they are so past retirement its not funny....

    If I wasn't going the practical route, I'd get smog or the purple - think they are the prettiest two colors overall

  6. OMG I need that anthro cardi with the polka dot bow! great post :)

  7. V- I'm so on sale watch for that sweater... I'm not crazy about the fabric(a linen cotton blend) so I'd prefer to wait until it gets marked down.

    It was released in March, but then they released it in red in July (?)... Who knows when it'll go on sale, but my guess is right around Labor Day (I hope!)

  8. This is such a great idea! I tend to just shop around stores and online rather blindly... clicking on things or just picking up items that I think are pretty, which in turn results in having no idea what I have and what I need. I wish I was this organized when it came to shopping, I might have to try it!

  9. You are so organized. I love checking off things on my wish list!

  10. I'm with Tien- a total shoot from the hip, haphazard spender. This is a great way to keep stuff organized!

    I tried the Oxer jacket on this past weekend and it is beyond darling- you need it. Er, I'm at my limit for olive hued, ruffly coats, so SOMEONE NEEDS IT if it can't be me. :(

  11. Lindsay - I used to be that way, but I end up returning half what I brought home/ordered, or worse, just have things sitting in my closet.

    A - nothing like a OCD checklist :)

    Chloe - ugh, I'm forcing myself to wait until September to get the coat.... so yes, I'm sure on 9/1 it'll be in my coat closet... i'm weak.


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