Monday, August 2, 2010

[Wishlist] Mid-Day Monday Pick Me Ups

It was a long and busy weekend.  I'm tired, sitting in a cubicle, and could use a smile only a new wishlist could bring (or probably just some coffee!)

... actually, make that a grande two pump vanilla soy latte will ya?  kthanksbye!

Petal Stream Tank in English Saddle - J.Crew $45
(should match *PERFECT* with Anthro's Deco Page Cardigan)

Patent Eddie Flat - Tory Burch $178
(perfect replacement for my abused Coach Ashleen Flats.... might eventually pick these up in black and smog too!)

Vintage Yellow Long Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan  – LOFT $49.50
(Friends and Family starts 8/3 - get 30% Off! with coupon)

Suckered gingham shirt  – J.Crew $69.50
I would love to wear this with the yellow cardi above, skinnies, and riding boots - great outfit for fall!

Bandolino Once Again Peep Toe Pump - Endless $75
(grabbed these at Macys today to wear with my Anthro Pampas Dress)

Petal Vine Shell in Orchid Shadow - J.Crew $49.99
LOVE this color!... and the wide straps,  too


Happy Monday Readers...


  1. Oh that yellow cardigan!! YUMM!!! I love that mustard-y color!

  2. I could really use those flats! hehe...

  3. I'm telling you...those flats will be mine soon!

  4. Taylor - check out debye from Modestly Styled, Modestly Me... she has the cardi and has paired it with some awesome outfits. I'm going to see if I can find it tomorrow :)

    Justine & Beautygirl - sooo comfy, I swear... I can't wait to get them!

  5. Do you know how the flats compare on comfort to Revas? Because I think the Revas are pretty uncomfortable and I don't want to do another almost 200 dollar repeat of hurting feet! The Revas were always super comfortable until you actually walk in them for a couple hours. Maybe you can do an update on the comfort of these once you wear them a few time for a couple hours at a time?

  6. I love the J Crew gingham shirt and definitely agree that it would go so well with the gold ATL cardi and some skinnies for the fall. Oh why isn't it autumn already?!


  7. I love these picks!! I can totally see the shirt with the skinnies and boots! Love it...

    And the Bandolino heels...a must have for me now too :)

    Hope your Monday picked up some!

  8. MsHark - I tried the Eddie Flats on last week... my feet melted. The footbed has memory foam and they are signifcantly more comfortable than revas. Granted I didn't wear them longer than a few minutes... but I have been hestitating on Revas all these years bc everytime I try them on I feel like they are squeezing and just generally uncomfortable. I also like that they aren't stamped with a huge logo....

    Dea - Seriously, these heat waves can beat it! Bring me cool nights, football season, and changing leaves.... and all the things pictured above :)

    TeachinginHeels - The Bandolino heels are a great color... Peeptoes normally run small on me (always too narrow in the toe box), so I went up a half size to get room there, but I need some heel grips and inserts so I don't fly out when I walk around... the things girls do for shoes ;)

  9. Totally in love with the Eddie Flats. I am seriously considering getting them. I love my Revas and I have bad feet and apparently Tory Burch makes shoes that do not hurt my feet. I know, I know, I am trying to retionalize it, hehe!

  10. Rosa - Rationalization -- my middle name!!

  11. I love your selections...especially the TB flats. I have the revas but might be time for a new pair! and that yellow cardigan is a great deal and looks fab paired up with that blouse. (and love Friends and Family) I think I might be ordering that cardigan this evening!

  12. I love all of your pics, especially the yellow cardi from LOFT and the J. Crew Petal Stream Tank (hmm, and now I want the gingham shirt AND the yellow cardi because you're right, they would look great together). I also cannot wait for fall, it is my favorite time of year!

  13. Let me know after a few wears, if they are still that comfy, I may just have to buy a pair!! I like the smog color too!

  14. Loving all the great ruffly tanks you posted. And I adore the fall colors. Was wondering what you thought the must-have fall jacket style is this year? Trench (long or short)? Lightweight pea coat? I am really into finding a new fall jacket and boots lately!

  15. Styl'n - the blouse went on Final Sale this morning... however, I saw a bunch instore yesterday so it may be better to grab there to avoid shipping

    Rachel - Petal Stream just got marked down today - from $45 to $35 :) (I tried on the XS yesterday, was a bit big in the arm holes, I would suggest sizing down unless you want a looser fit)

    MsHark - no prob... although I don't think I'll buy them until Labor Day-ish. I won't really be wearing them until then, so I might as well delay the purchase :)

    Nicole - I think military/utility jackets are going to be big for Fall. I'd probably grab one in army green or maybe a rust color that hits at hip length. However, I love a good pea coat for winter months :)

  16. i need those bandolinos. like, now.

  17. Heather, I got my true size... they are a little tight in the toe area, but going up a 1/2 size was too much. I wore them to a wedding last night and they did break in a bit, and I think they'll get more comfortable with wear :)

    Zappos also has them online...


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