Monday, August 16, 2010

On Hold....

Boucle de Souffle by Elevenses

Woot!... After not being able to find the Boucle de Souffle jacket in my store last Friday, which I'm sure it was there - I just couldn't find.   I called tonight, asked if it was in stock, and promptly put it on hold.  Knowing that Tuesday is potential Sale Day, I like to plan my Anthro trips accordingly... so while I scope out the new markdowns I'll also get to check out this new arrival.

Sometimes I don't know why I taunt myself, by placing an item on hold to try on, but I know I sometimes fall in love with pieces when others fall in love with them - kind of a 'hype' fever.  And Anthro-lovers all over the interweb are falling over themselves for this little coat.  I feel the best way to find out if it's right for me is by trying it on and figuring out, 1. does the item fit me the way I want it to and 2. how many ways can I work it into my wardrobe.

Because I love to rationalize on polyvore, here are few cute ways I would plan to wear this lovely little jacket.

Date NightFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Boucle de Souffle for WorkFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Casual Day BoucleFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

And unlike Chloe and her 201 jackets ::wink::, I currently have 0 jackets or blazers that fit me properly.  So the investment would definitely be filling a current closet void.  At the same time, would I wear it enough to warrant a purchase now... in August... during another 90+ heatwave??...

In addition to Boucle de Souffle, I put the Graces Tank in lilac on hold.  I'm crossing my fingers this hits the sale racks...
Graces Tank by Deletta

While I've said in the past that I'm over the over-use of ruffles, I really like how these cascade down (and not out) and are only in the front (which keeps away ruffle bulk when layering).

and some more polyvore fun to convince myself....
My Favorite ColorsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

The ode of love to the Greys and Blues might be the most obvious statement ever mumbled on this blog, but hey, I like what I like, k?

Tell me, what's on your current Anthro wishlist??.....


  1. I really love all of the ways you styled that coat. So pretty!

  2. i'm almost 100% sure I NEED that jacket. OK seriously if you keep doing this, I;m just going to have to buy everything you post ;) Chloe has that jacket too and I'm in love with it...not sure how it would work on my tall frame though...

  3. I had to double-check my closet just now. I bought a nearly identical jacket in dark purple from Anthro in December. I love mine! Definitely get it.

  4. It's a LOVELY jacket...I'm sure you're going to look fabulous in it. =) Going to be tough stepping into that store tomorrow....!!!

  5. Get the jacket!!! I posted a review of it yesterday and I purchased it. It's so lovely and so versatile!! Go for it!!

  6. Perfecto! Love the jacket, if it fits keep it!

  7. You can never have too many blazers! Love how you styled each set.

  8. I love the jacket. It's so cute. You will look great in it. :-)

  9. Thanks Mere!

    V - I think the jacket should fit you fine. Kim is pretty tall and it looks great on her. I think it'd still be cute if a teeny bit cropped...

    Amy - That's funny, at least you don't have to worry if its still in style ;)

    Anh - I woke up with anxiety about how I'm going to possibly talk myself into getting it...

    Kim - You and Chloe are like the angels on my shoulder... except you're really devils that just look angellic and convince me I *MUST HAVE* so much more than I ever thought, haha...

    Mom- you're supposed to be the reasonable one telling me to be financially responsible....

    Janice - So true, yet I own 0.

    Thanks Gigi!

  10. You never mentioned the $$, but a good jacket is so worth the money if it fits will use something like this for a long time! It reminds me of something I would be all over if I had a different lifestyle ;)

  11. I like this jacket and I cannot wait to try it on myself.
    Cannot wait to hear what you decide.


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