Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs IRL Size Review

I received a request to show some pics of my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo on me for size reference, so hopefully this quickie post is helpful in case any other readers are on the fence too.

I have a few requirements I like to use when picking out a new bag (as used here with my RM MAM)....

The bag in question must:
  1. Fit comfortably over my shoulder
  2. Rest comfortably on my arm (not shown since I'll go "hands free" with the cross body strap)
  3. Not hit the ground when being hand held from the strap
Shoulder Strap - Check! 
(with enough drop to wear over a winter coat)

Cross Body Strap - Check!
(FYI: the strap is NON-adjustable, but I'm very happy with the length)

Fully Extended - Check!
(sorry for the in motion shot, but the bag will not be grazing the dirty world when making adjustments)

Size Reference Notes:  I'm 5'2" tall and I typically wear XS/0 tops and 24/25 bottoms....

And in case you need one last push, here are two of the new Fall '10 colors....

Dirty Martini - Nordstrom $398

Currant - Nordstrom $398

So Pretty!!  Happy Shopping!


  1. LOVE IT! I just got it in currant - the cross body fit is perfect on me as well and I am 5'4"-5'6" just depends on who measures! ;)

  2. Ohh that currant is gorgeous. You really pull off the crossbody look, not sure if it's something I could look cool doing. :)

  3. Thank you for posting this. It really helps to see it on a real person, especially one close to my size. The bag looks fabulous on you!

  4. What a great post! Gah, I love love LOVE that bag. It looks fab on you! And that Currant color is making me drool...LOVE!

  5. Taylor - the currant is gorg, congrats on the purchase :)

    Ashley - Don't be silly! I love that the bag is big, but not completely overwhelming. Also being so deep allows you to carry everything...

    SweeT - no prob, thanks for suggesting that I post some pics. Hopefully it helped you with your decision :)

    Kathryn - Thanks! The currant is so rich and just perfect for fall... it also makes me want to drink some good wine ;)

  6. Loves it, lady! glad you posted some pics, I was wondering if you were just going to put it in a glass case or something. Heh. :-P

  7. Bahaha Justine! Did you notice the tags are still are on? I'm saving it for "Fall"... meaning weather where I can wear a sweater outside without sweating to death... or better yet, a tank top outside without sweating to death...

    whoa... that was a tongue twister!

  8. LOVE it and I'm so happy you got it. It's the perfect size bag, isn't it? I love that you can wear it on the shoulder, hold it on your arm, or wear it cross-body! So perfect!

  9. I love that bag. It is hard for petite girls to find a bag that does not look too overwhelming, this bag it's perfect.

  10. Looks fab on you! Wear it well!

  11. it's gorgeous!!! :) thanks for your review

  12. i'm not usually a bag girl....but i NEED this. looks great on you!

  13. Ok, so I posted something about this on F&B but you truly inspired me. I had given up my search for the out of season Caramel version and was moving on trying to convince myself that the tan Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo would be fit my needs just as well.

    After I saw this I called my Nordstrom and they found a Caramel at a store in New Jersey and it will be here in 5-7 days! I am stoked. You posted this at the exact right time as I was just told my quarterly bonus number today!

    Thank you for inspiring me!

  14. Love it! MBMJ leather is so soft, too- I couldn't stop fondling them during my last trip to Nordstrom's. Great bag, E!

  15. Kim - I'm glad you picked up yours, it really gave me that last push I needed to grab one :)

    Rosa - I totally agree with you!... and since I love a big bag, finding the *right* one can really become a task....

    Amber, V, and DS&H - Thanks Girls!

    Lindsay - That's so awesome!! Congrats on your purchase and hunting down the Caramel (it's soo pretty!)

    Chloe - ahhh pebbled leather.... the smooshiest kind :)

    It is so perfect for/on you!
    Great purchase!
    Also, can I just say how much I love your jeans/menswear shirt slouchy look?
    In love with that too!

  17. Thanks Andi! And too funny about my outfit, this is why I've been lacking OOTDs. It's soo hot/humid that this is basically my staple outfit to beat the heat during the workday (no need for constant sweater stripping or work appropriate sleeveless tops... just cool cotton shirts that don't cling to my body haha)

  18. just wanted to tell you that i have this bag in HOT PINK on hold at Nordstrom right now. I saw it in person today and fell in love. I am using my tiny kate spade bag daily so I know i'll use it as my daily bag. it's such a great shape and size...i'll let you know if i get it...but i think i will...it will be my first designer bag.

    thanks for inspiring me! i also love your black one but i already have a black one i love (michael kors) so the hot pink will be a nice pop of color for me since i tend to wear neutrals.

  19. Oh my gosh V, that's awesome! Congrats on your first designer bag :) The Rosie will be perfect for you!

    Can't wait to see your pics :)

  20. Got another handbag question for you!(Can you tell I am on a desperate search for a new fall/winter leather bag?) My last two bags have been Coach but I wasn't entirely happy with the quality so I am looking into other brands. I have never had or felt a Marc Jacobs or MBYMJ bag..is the leather and bag overall awesome quality?

    Does your Hillier hold a lot? And, do your things tumble all around in that bag? I love the look but worried that my things will be hard to find in it. Thanks, Erin!

  21. My Marc by Marc has really soft pebbled leather... I won't say its the most luxurious leather, but its soft and nice.. and I like it.

    It's smaller than it looks, imo (regarding space)... it defintely has less room than my RM MAM, but still easily holds everything I need (checkbook sized wallet, planner, 2 cells, my camera, and sunglasses) with a bit of room to spare. Because its narrow I don't think its too hard to find things, but when I reach in, only my wallet, planner, and camera are floating at the bottom, so I guess it depends what you bring and how you store.

    I just started using it, so I'm still adjusting, but overall very happy that I have it.


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