Sunday, August 1, 2010

It is upon us... Wedding Season!

Sure, you can thank Chelsea Clinton (or Carrie Underwood, Emily Blunt, or Miranda Kerr) for media's recent non-stop wedding talk... but I also get to thank all 6 couples that planned 2010 weddings, 4 of which planned their nuptials in a 6 week time frame... whew!

Don't get me wrong, I love weddings - the love, the food, the flowers... the open bar (especially after hitting NJ Turnpike shore traffic!)  ;)   It's just going to be an intense and very busy end of the summer.

Anyway, yesterday was our first wedding of 2010.  The wedding (and bride) were beautiful and the reception was great.  Craziness is, we have a wedding at the same venue next week!  The flowers also hit a sentimental chord since they were very similar to my own.

hydrangeas, roses, big ol' white gerber daisies with chocolate centers, and stock

But, moving on to what you obviously care about most - what I wore!  (indulge me, ok?)

I had bought this dress last year and wore it to a wedding in June 2009.  At the time, I wished I had got it shortened because it came down to almost mid-calf, an extremely awkward length.

imagine the mannequin being 6" shorter - there you have me

So last week I had it taken up... still, not my favorite dress in the closet, but I'm way happier with the fit and feel like I've given it new life.


A.B.S by Allen Schwartz Abstract Sateen Halter Dress - Bluefly, summer '09 (similarish print, much higher price)
Carlos by Carlos Santana Vertigo Heels - Macys
Gold Hoop Earrings - Express (ancient) (same look)
Gold and Black Cuff - ShopTheLook.Net (gifted)

Note to self:  Tailor more often!

Have you ever rediscovered an older dress by making some alterations??


  1. that dress is lovely! I am also loving your hair. Is that your natural color? It's gorgeous! Hope you had a nice weekend :)

  2. Thanks V! It is my natural color, I stopped coloring 3 or 4 years ago (aside from a just a few highlights for dimension prior my wedding), my hair is finally healthy again :)

    Hope you had a great weekend too!

  3. Wow E, that dress looks amazing on you. Perfect choice! I love shopping my closet to make things new again, great idea to tailor :)

  4. That dress is adorable. The new length makes it flirty.

  5. That dress is great on you, E! Love the shortened length.

  6. You are SOO cute! I love the new length!

  7. Adorable! And pockets!! :) I haven't tailored, except maybe just a shortened hem on pants...gotta try it more often

  8. That dress is great, definitely think the shorter length is more flattering. I recently had a dress tailored for a wedding...tailor = my new bff.

  9. Thanks Amber!

    TeachinginHeels - the pockets are clutch :) I don't know why I don't tailor more often, especially being so short...

    CL - Thanks! What to send that new BFF of yours to PA for me?? Haha


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