Friday, July 23, 2010

[Window Shopping] Skirts... wait, Skirts?!

Alright readers, I'm back... not that I ever really went anywhere, but like some other bloggers out there, I just kinda got into a funk this week.  I realize my posts have been lacking personality, my apologies. It must be the high humidity and 100+ degree temps getting to my brain again....

Anyway... last month (was it a month ago?) a lot of you seemed to encourage me to wear skirts more often.  And don't worry, I haven't.


Well, I'm just being honest.  

But, I am doing some traveling for work next week and since it's for some bigwig meetings, I don't feel right rocking my casual looks.  I also, surprisingly, prefer wearing skirts when the weather is hotter - which it has been all over the whole country... except for maybe Alaska.  Thing is, I don't really own that many.  


4 skirts to be exact.  (1 floral mini, 2 pencils, 1 khaki a-line)

So, if I were to increase my skirt stock, these are the pretties I'd pick up.

Licorice Lanes Skirt - Anthropologie $78
(I hope this is instore at my local Anthro, going to try to snag it this wkd)

Cooperative Tulip Skirt - Urban Outfitters $48
(love the window pane pattern)

Kate Spade 'Kollete' Skirt  – Nordstrom $295
(I'll take the whole outfit, please)

Ikat Blossoms Print Skirt – LOFT $59.99
(I almost picked this up months ago when Loft had their 40% sale... maybe its time to reconsider)

Fennel Flower Skirt - Anthropologie $98
(I could work with this)

Sleek Suit Skirt - Banana Republic $49.99
(seems short, which means it might fit me at a normal length)

Circle the Globe Skirt - Anthropologie $68
(my size is out of stock, and I'm not sure if it would flatter a midget, but I love the bright summery yellow)

And last, but not least...

Fleurette Pencil Skirt - J.Crew $59.99

Dear J.Crew,

Is this really how you style a watercolor pencil skirt suited for, well, suiting?  WTF?!

I mean, it's a cute skirt - once I get past the homeless girl....


Ok readers, be a bad influence, which one is your fav??


  1. Love the Urban one! I want to say I say I saw the Loft one at my local store for much cheaper than online but not 100% sure... was caught up in all the new fall stuff :o)

  2. "I mean, it's a cute skirt - once I get past the homeless girl...." is SO TRUE!!! adore the skirt...but i think that chick mugged the real model.

  3. MichelleM - I def saw the Loft one fore MUCH less back in May. And I'm glad you like the Urban one, I called my store and put one on hold to try on tomorrow :)

    D,S,Hs- ha... I expect that type of styling from Urban, JCrew? not so much... I don't think "edgy" is their target audience...

  4. Love these!! Your comment to JCrew is too true!! :)

    I love the Nordstrom outfit. Perfection.

  5. L-o-v-e the Kate Spade skirt... but this does not surprise me as I usually like the most expensive option. ha!

  6. I love the first Anthro one and the khaki BR one. I am so boring and predictable, I know, but they are the most wearable for me and would last the test of time, and not just a season. That being said, I like them all.

    PS J. Crew's styling definitely makes me go WTF sometimes too!

  7. I'm a fan of the Fennel Flower Skirt, myself. I feel like it could be paired with a lot of different style and color tops. you could pretty work with any plain colored blouse, and neutrals would look amazing.

  8. Love the Kate Spade skirt and love your blog!

  9. TeachinginHeels, Ashley and Style'n - the kate spade skirt (outfit) is soo cute. I actually saw a black skirt by Odille at Anthro this afternoon. It was pretty similar, but only cost $88 (I think)....

    Kelsey - nothing wrong with boring and predictable, thats much my style... no edgy, bohemian, overly whimsy here...

    Mandee - funny I was playing around with that skirt on polyvore yesterday, sadly I didn't see it instore :( boo

  10. i think i need the urbn skirt!! also: the fennel print from anthro is on my list as well.\

  11. Heather - I tried a different navy Cooperative skirt at urban yesterday... I like the print better, but their was pleat in the front that just didn't lay right :( I wish they had this one in stock... I've also wishlisted the Fennel Skirt for a sale watch. I have a hard time justifying a $100 skirt when I rarely wear them... but it'd be great to own!

  12. I have the Fleurette pencil skirt!! So great, but size up....and I did not style it the same way ;) Right now online it is $42 + tax with Free shipping!


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