Friday, July 2, 2010

Repeat Returner - Bye Bye Blouse

See, this is what happens when you buy impulsively.... even when your "impulse" lasts over a few days and requires lots of thought...

The Tucker Blouse is on its way back home.

Tucker The Blouse - Piperlime

After some buyer's remorse that was experienced before the blouse even arrived - would the xs be too short in length?, is the print tacky?, how many ways can I wear it?, I was surprised how impressed I was when it arrived.  The hammered silk wasn't as shiny as I thought it would be and the shapeless fit did drape nicely.

But it just wasn't love.

I'll blame the print.  It's just not as "whimsical" as I'd like my first Tucker purchase to be.  I know myself well enough to know, if it isn't love, I'll never wear it.  I normally wear things immediately after purchase, so the fact this sat on a hanger for two days while I questioned "maybe it'll look better styled like (fill in the blank)?", I knew it was doomed for a return.

So, I'll send it back and get my banana bucks returned and hopefully put them towards one of my Wishlist Items.
July Wishlist

Are you a repeat returner??


  1. ha, love the acquired stamp you got there. I never return-- but I think that's a problem of mine, haha...

  2. I love the frye melissa button boots! I have them in black. They are super comfy and totally worth the price. If revolve has them, there is almost always a 15 or 20 percent off coupon code.

    and my linea pelle wrap bracelet -- love!


  3. Justine - you know I have to keep you all updated of my new stock :) And re: returns, I won't even buy from stores if the return policy sucks (you hear me J.Crew Final Sale and BR shrinking window!!) ::shakes fist::

    MsHark - Good to hear you have the boots and love them :) My concern is calf circumference and that it isn't too big.. Did you order your regular size?

    and I've loved that bracelet ever since you got it... must. copy!


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