Friday, July 30, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] The 'Perfect' Ballet Flat

If Santa Claus is reading, he knows I've been wishlisting some Tory Burch Reva's for months now.  I've been hesitant making the purchase, 1. because it's summer and I haven't been wearing flats 24/7 and 2. I'm not 100% they are the most comfy option for me out there....

My genetically challenged feet NEED comfy shoes... especially flats, which I wear way too often for someone who is also vertically challenged...

So when I noticed Tory Burch's new line of flats, the Eddie... I thought they'd be worth the try...

Readers, these shoes are like putting your feet into a cloud!

The footbed is lined with memory foam, the leather is stretchy and molds to your foot, I'd like to challenge that there may not be another shoe as comfy out there... (that you'd actually want to wear in public)

The Real Deal
Eddie Flat - Tory Burch $178

However, since this is a "Real Deal and Awesome Steal" post... If you want to sacrifice cloud-like-comfort for price, but wear an identical looking shoe, these babies that Anh from 9to5Chic posted yesterday are definite steal...

The Awesome Steal
The City Flat - The Gap $39.50

I'll be spluging on the Real Deal in month or two... possibly even on multiple colors!


  1. The colors are so pretty! I might have to splurge in a month or two as well!

  2. I have the Reva flats but I think I might be adding a pair of the patent eddies. they look super comfy and they have such fun colors to choose from!


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