Thursday, July 8, 2010

[Real Deal and Awesome Steal] Gold Chain Link Necklace

Last week, I posted about how I am currently watching a marathon of How I Met Your Mother via Netflix (aka, the best invention since modern plumbing... or maybe since Kraft macaroni and cheese - it's a toss up)... anyway, I'm obsessed with Lily's style.

In season 5, episode 15 "Rabbit or Duck" Lily gave me new idea to try... except with the extreme heat, this look will likely wait until the Fall.

The look is wearing a long-sleeve tee under a silk cami or top.  I normally only wear cardigans over these tops, so I like the idea of wearing something 'under' them to change it up...  maybe like this polyvore set with items I already have...
well, except for the handbag... but you will be mine little pretty!!!

Also of note in Lily's look, is her gold Chain Link Evelyn Knight Necklace...

The Real Deal:
Evelyn Knight Chain Link Necklace - Max & Chloe $200

of course I can't stomach high prices for 'fashion' jewelry.. so here's a great find I found at

The Awesome Steal:

Simple and Pretty.  Just my style... I mean Lily's.


  1. Love the concept of a long sleeve shirt under a top! As soon as I saw your post I went over to my wardrobe to see if I could do anything similar, and I noticed I don't have any long sleeve shirts...

  2. Alicia my fav (and cheap) long sleeve tees are from Target (mossimo) and the BP Dept at Nordstrom (Rubbish)... they are both <$15 and comparable to BR and J.Crew in style and fit :)

  3. I never really thought about doing that, but it is a great idea. I just bought a white/black polka dot silk top and I have a sheerish turtleneck that could totally work underneath.
    Thanks for the idea, it gives me all the more reason to look forward to fall.

  4. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Fashnonmymind - that sounds like a great pairing, can't wait to see you try it out!

    Alicia- no prob, I thank the "band camp geek" from the American Pie movies ;)


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