Thursday, July 29, 2010

[OOTDs] Working It

Hey there readers!

I'm back home with my snuggly puppers and Husband too... and couldn't be happier :)   Work travel always wears me out.  Long days of meetings, followed by free longer multi-course dinners at nice restaurants, and pupperless hotel beds (ohh I think I'm on to something!)... I'm always happy (and heavier) when I return home.

I took some shotty OOTD pics in my hotel room since I actually was dress a bit more corporate casual this week, as opposed to my usual "casual" casual...

Liberty of London Floral Key-Hole Top - Target, spring '10 (here)
Navy/Greyish Editors - Express, '07ish
Black Belt - Express, '06/'07 ?? 
Liz Claiborne Martini Pumps - DSW, '08
Key to Your Heart Necklace - F21, winter '09 (here)
Grey Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan - J.Crew, fall '08 (not shown)

Blooming Lattice Cardigan - Anthropologie, spring '10 (sold out, but some on eBay)
Blue Double Layer Tee - Banana Republic, '07ish
Khaki A-Line Skirt - Banana Republic, spring '08
Brown Snakebite Belt - Anthropologie, summer '10 (lookalikes in this post)
5-Row Opal Disc Stretch Bracelet - South Moon Under, spring '10 (here)
Unpredictable Prism Earrings - Anthropologie, summer '10 (here on sale!)
Sonya Huarache Wedge - Banana Republic, summer '09


Ok... I changed a few times yesterday...  I first tried this, but realized I didn't like my hair and that I was one peg leg away from being totally 'pirated' out... so after the pic I made a few adjustments.
Field Game Cardigan - Anthropologie, summer '10
(call CS, I saw some grey and navy ones in store last week)
Silk Frances Cami - J.Crew, summer '09 (here)
Black Editor Shorts - Express, 2007ish (here)
Liz Claiborne Martini Pumps - DSW, '08
Woven Straw Headband - J.Crew, whoknowswhen...

Aside from the pirate mishap, I think I eased back into corp-cas environment pretty easily.  Oh well, it's good to be back.


  1. love the outfits!! and i kinda love the wallpaper in the hotel room too =)

  2. Welcome home! I wish my house could look like a chic hotel room. Nice outfits BTW. =)

  3. Love your outfits!! Tuesday is my favorite look - I'm so sorry I missed you while you were here. Next time :-)

  4. D,S,Hs - I really liked the wallpaper too! I think the hotel (Hotel Allegro) must have been renovated recently... It had some really historic charm in the ballrooms, but the bedrooms were all pretty modern and nicely redone...

    C&C - Thanks Janice! And please, your home looks like a Pottery Barn catalog!!

    Kim - Tuesday was definitely my favorite too! No worries about the meet up... I'm sure I'll be going back to Chicago again, and next time I'll bring more $$ for shopping at Anthro!

  5. Love your outfits E! Especially the first one, because I'm a pants girl ;)
    Glad you're back.


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