Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[OOTD] Skirting Around the (heat) Issue

It's hot readers.... like triple digits at dinner time hot... (which means you can only imagine how hot it is during lunch time)  ::sweat!::

Again, another day with the hair thrown up and as little as clingy, and as much cotton, clothing possible.

PS... Now I understand why people love high(er) waisted skirts, it's like an instant 5 extra inches to your legs = AMAZING!

PSS... add nude shoes and boom, see ya later 5'2"!!!
Perfect Fit Tank - J.Crew Outlet, summer '10 (online here)
Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan - J.Crew, fall '08 (clearly my fav cardigan of all time)
Hinge Cotton Printed Skirt - Nordstrom, summer '10 (still on sale)
Grey Unpredictable Prisms Earrings - Anthropologie, summer '10 (also on sale)
'Sonya' Huarache Wedges - Banana Republic, summer '09

The rest of my evening will be spent in pjs doing a rain dance...


  1. COMPLETELY in LOVE with that ADORABLE outfit! (And using CAPITAL letters, obviously?)

    I'm now on the hunt for a nude wedge. Thank you ma'am.

  2. Love that outfit! oh and still in love with those shoes!!

  3. Love the outfit!! What's your hair style like? It looks a little bit twisted? Cute!

  4. Thanks Kelsey! ::blushes::

    Mere - Thank you! Check out the "Luiza Barcelos Women's QF004A Platform Wedge" on (link is huge!)... maybe that's a good sub?

    Kristen - Thanks! I actually I did 4 mini braids (2 up top and 1 on each side) then just pulled my wet wavy hair up. The mini braids are giving it that textured look :)

  5. I just started following your blog recently and I just have to say that I love your clothes! Can I go shopping in your closet? Please and thank you. :)

  6. Oooo wheeeee, you look good. I love the hair, too.


  7. Erinn, you need to wear skirts and dresses more. So lovely!!!!

  8. Very cute, Erinn! I love it! And I agree with Anh- you have a body made for rockin' skirts and dresses. More, more!

    Also, it was 62 degrees here today, so I'll gladly swap you some air. :)

  9. Lindsay - That is probably the highest compliment you can pay me! I started the year totally uninspired and have been trying hard to re-work my wardrobe and put forth more effort into my outfits. I still feel 'safe' and boring a lot of times, but it means a lot that you like what I'm putting together :)

    Gigi - Thank You. Thankyouverymuch. (a la Michael Scott impersonating Elvis)

    Anh - Thanks Darling!

    Chloe - Please send the cool air to the east coast! and thanks lady, I'll see what I can do ;) All these confidence boosting comments may make me start looking at skirts in a different light...

  10. Adorbs. You know how I feel. hahaha :)

  11. You look amazing E! Love to see you in dresses and skirts :)

  12. OMg Erinn! You are too cute!! I hope you get some more skirts you look AMAZING! Oh and I heart HIMYM too!! =) And glad to see your SF was a blast as well!


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