Monday, July 5, 2010

[OOTD] Dogs Days of Summer

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July (and holiday weekend)!

Luckily, I'm off today so I'm doing a lot of housework, errands, and chores to beat the heat...  I can't get over how hot it's been the past few weeks and summer just officially started!  We've barely had a break or even any rain... I can't believe I'd actually welcome rain?!

So since it's so hot outside, I thought I'd post my OOTD from last Monday when, you guessed it, was another scorcher...

Inspired by Liquid Bouquet Tank styling in the Anthropologie catalog....

Liquid Bouquet Tank - Anthropologie, Spring '10 (here)
Trouser Shorts - Banana Republic Outlet, Spring '09
'Sonya' Huarache Wedges - Banana Republic, Spring '09 (similar here)
Inspiration for Twisted Growing Out Bangs - Andi from Saltwater Dreams (here!)

The shorts are a bit big on me now, but I was trying to dress as lightly as I could to tolerate the humidity.  Any one else living in the land of ponytails??  Summer just started and I'm already longing for boots fall...

Happy Monday!


  1. Love those shoes and be grateful for the lack of rain---I live in Florida and it's been raining for a week straight. The Fourth of July was even pretty crappy. :-( You look great!

  2. The colors on the tank look great on you and way to bring Bermudas back. Love the ensemble.

  3. Love the outfit! Ok so this is random but what is the paint color in the room you pose in? I love it!

  4. LOVE the blouse on you - and all the other pieces finish the look so gorgeously. I'm all about the ponytail or bun for summer, especially since it is super-humid where I am in the summer and my hair is no friends with moisture.

  5. Mere - that's too bad your 4th was rainy... today the high is 101! ugh, OVER IT!

    C&C - The tank just hit the sale rack today ;) ;)

    Shoebride - the paint is Valspar Weathered Oak. We actually painted 3x before we found the "right" color. My only grip is the quality of Valspar paint, its always runny and needs at least two coats...

    PS - I think there is a blogger comment glitch currently going on...

  6. Lisa (I got your comment through email, not sure why it's not loaded).... thanks! and I totes hear ya on the humidity, its awful.

  7. Very cute outfit! I am so ready for fall. It always happens...come mid-July and August, I am ready for jackets, leaving falling off the trees, cool breezes, jeans and boots! I love fall so much and grow tired of the hot, humid Mid-west summer heat very quickly! And the Nordstrom Anniversary sale doesn't help my craving for fall. All the great jeans and boots! Ugh! Now to decide exactly which pair of Frye's I am getting this year...that is the issue!

  8. I totally had the same thought a few days ago. I want to put on some boots and a jacket. Summer is not my forte. :)
    This outfit is really cute and perfect for hot weather. And our weather here is supposed to hit the 100s, so I definitely put my hair in a ponytail today.

  9. Very cute top! But my favorite part of the post is the Boston booger's guest appearance - more Boston pics please! (I have 2 hee hee)

  10. Nicole - Thanks and I know what you mean, its from 18 years of "back to school" shopping that gets us geared up for Fall while the temps are still as hot as hell...

    fshonmymind - I can't remember the last time my hair was down... haha

    Lindsay - thanks! I heard grumblings through the Anthro community it was supposed to hit the sale racks... it didn't, but maybe next week!

    10years - noted! I'll do pupper love post soon, promise!


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