Friday, July 16, 2010

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Boot Review

Today is the 1st official day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I'm sure most of the Nordie lovers have already scoped out the Pre-Sale and have already made some purchases.

I stopped in when the Pre-Sale began and took a few sneak peeks.   I was really hoping that some Fryes would be included in the sale.  And the Jane Talls, Shirley Riding, and Billy Stud are all there in their mark down glory.
Sale $259.90 - After Sale: $387.95
Sale $259.90 - After Sale: $397.95
Sale $219.90 - After Sale: $327.95

However, none them were really doing it for me since I have been obsessing about the flat, simple style of the Melissa Button's.
Frye 'Melissa Button' Boot - $317.95

So when I saw these Miz Mooz King Boots, I had to try them on.

Sale $119.90 - After Sale: $186.95

At first, I wasn't sold on the buckle.  I thought it made them a bit too motorcycle-ish.  So I tried them on side-by-side with the Melissa Buttons.  Overall, they were essentially the same color, same toe shape, same height.  The only differences were the buckle, the Miz Mooz' were a tad narrower in the shaft (which is welcomed here), and the Miz Mooz have a inner zipper.  Oh, and the Miz Mooz are $200 less during the anniversary sale.

I should also note while the King boots are made of leather, the inner lining is faux fur, which also helps them slide on and off easily.  They aren't quite as comfy in the footbed as the Frye's, but hey, there is a reason they aren't the same price.

So, I placed my purchase and they arrived two days ago.
Here's the online description:
Brushed goldtone hardware details the side of a sophisticated riding boot crafted from rich leather and topped with double pull tabs. Pull-on style with partial side zip closure.
Approx. heel height: 1".
Approx. boot shaft height: 15"; 14" calf circumference.
Leather upper/polyester faux-fur lining/rubber sole.
By Miz Mooz; imported.
BP. Shoes.
The website says to order a 1/2 size down, which is on target because I dropped to a 6.5, when I am usually always a 7.  Also for height reference, I'm 5'2", so they maybe be a twinge short on you leggy beauties out there. 

Did anyone else shop the pre-sale??  I'm going to sit the rest of the sale out.  I've been acquiring much more than admiring these days... need to let the magnetic strip on the credit card cool off for a few....


  1. yay! So cute, but you already know how I feel. haha... I am pumped to go check it out tonight. I dont think my store ever did a pre-sale because I never saw it. Boo.

  2. I love those boots. So jealous!

  3. Any thoughts on the Steve Madden Maryn boot?? I am always a sucker for the cognac color, but trying to talk myself out of making the purchase! I, too, need to let my magnetic strip cool down.

  4. Thanks Justine and Teresa!

    Middleton Family - I do like the SM Maryn and the foldover look (I got black Ash Ono Foldover boots in the spring) I think the SM Intyce is similar and very classic looking too. It's also from last season, so maybe you can find a good deal on it now :)

  5. I have actually thought about getting the Intyce in cognac and the maryn in black...bc i loved the Ash Ono foldover as well. A girl after my own heart. lol - now rather than buying one pair of boots, I may be buying two! yikes!

  6. I was pretty underwhelmed when I got the catalog and just marked two things, a (B.P.)watch and the Steve Madden Maryn boots.
    I bought the watch this morning online and decided to skip the boots because I have issues with boot fit and don't really need them. I may go to the store to see things in person, but I might not so I don't get tempted by anything.
    I love the boots you ended up getting and think the buckle adds a bit of ruggedness. It would probably work well for you if you end up wearing this with mainly jeans. And I too welcome the narrower shaft as I have skinny chicken legs. :)

  7. Middleton Fam - Oh no!! I don't mean to enable haha (wait, yes.. yes i do!)... do you think you'd wear one more than the other??

    Fshn - Yeah I did like a lot of stuff, but not enough to buy (I try to *love*). And don't you know me yet gf?? I ONLY wear jeans hahaha!

  8. The Intyce will probably get more use...I actually think I will look online for the Intyce, since I never purchased last year. Any idea on sizing? I am also going to wait on a black foldover boot as well I think. Hoping there will be others (cheaper?) that come out closer to fall. I probably won't start wearing boots until October anyway with our weather down here!

    Thanks for helping me!

  9. The boots you purchased are great! I love them...perfect for cool weather. I'm sitting out the Nordstrom sale too, but more because I wasn't wowed by anything...lots of time to find good fall deals anyway...

  10. I ordered the same boots at 6am this morning (after hoping the fryes would be on sale too)They look fab on you and seem to fit your calves great ...that was my issue I have 13 1/2 inch calves and boots always look dumb. You seem to be pretty close to my size so I am hoping they look as great on me! BTW, Did you get your handbag on sale as well?

  11. Middleton Fam - that sounds like a good plan! A lot of bloggers have the intyce's or the Target knockoffs from last year and they go with everything! I actually don't know about sizing, I don't have any SMs....

    TeachinginHeels - Thanks! and I love Fall, best time of year :)

    Jenny R - Awesome! I hope you like them too :) I think my calves are also around 13" give or take... I didn't get the bag yet. I want the MbyMJ Hillier Hobo. There is a MbyMJ Twisted Q lil Riz in the sale, but when I saw it instore it was a little smaller than I wanted... still a a good comp for the hillier though!

  12. I really like those boots that you bought, they look really nice!

    I was so excited about the sale. I bought the Steve Madden Maryn boots in black, a pair of Sevens (that I really didn't need) and a pair of sneakers for my little guy. I almost bought another pair of boots but decided to exercise some form of self control :)

    I don't know if you remember me commenting a few weeks ago about the Flowering Pastures Blouse from Anthro? When it came out in green last week I figured there was no way it was going to go on sale soon so I finally took the plunge and purchased it. After hearing you say how much you love it and how much wear you got out of it already, I figured it would be worth it. I actually bought the green one since that is my favorite color and it should be here on Monday. I can't wait to try it out! Whew, sorry for the really long comment :)

  13. Hi Rachel! No need to apologize, I love comments - especially long ones ;)

    Your cleaned up at the sale! Sounds like a lot of people got the SM Maryns and even though you don't *need* the 7FAM, jeans are always good to have - especially when you get them on sale!

    That's awesome about the Flowering Pastures Blouse. The green is really pretty, too. Congrats on pulling the trigger :)

  14. I did pretty well at the sale I think :) 2 3/4 sleeve Cardi's (black and gray) and the Steve Madden Faux Leather Ruched Bomber Jacket in Ivory, and another Black Jacket. I have been needing a new jacket for over a year, but last winter I just could not find one I liked! Hopefully one of these will work out :) I also got the Naughty Monkey Rock out booties in the Taupe and black. Can't wait til it all gets here!

  15. Those boots are super cute! Hoping I can try those on when I hit up the sale this weekend.

  16. Wow Haley, you got some awesome stuff!! I actually liked a lot of the jackets, but I don't have any on my current 'wishlist' that I *have* to have... at least not this month anyway... I hope you like everything you ordered!

    Coley - Def try them out, I'm sooo happy I finally filled that spot... now onto my bag ::wrings hands and insert evil laughter::

  17. Cute boots! I have something similar that I got from last year's Anniversary sale. I ended up getting boots, sweater and skirt. I need to slow down too. It is not easy when the stores can look up your account when you purposely leave your card at home. LOL.

  18. Boots are my favorite things to buy for fall/winter and I love the ones you purchased! I actually think the buckle adds a nice touch to the boots:)

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  20. Great purchase! They are fab on you. I would just like to say, boots are SO SEXY! like seriously, right?

  21. Love those boots! Unfortunately, my shoe budget is nil for the moment! We're the same height, so I'm looking at that particular style/color boots you hard to find cool/right height boots...sigh.

    BTW, I have that Anthro blue tank, too! Love it! One more cool outfit idea!




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